Surprising Reasons Why TV Is Good For You

Your mum has probably told you multiple times that watching TV is going to rot your brain and while she may be right, there have been numerous studies that have shown that watching TV is good for you! However, this is based on the shows you watch of course. If you are watching shows and movies that bombard you with unhealthy messages and stereotypes, you can easily be brainwashed, and your perspective changed. However, if you are watching good shows, you will be surprised by how nice you feel! Here are some reasons why you should be watching TV!


Yes, that is correct, TV inspires creativity. Watching television shows like interior designing or cooking shows can increase your creativity and help you come up with more ideas. Shows like Fixer Upper, Interior Design, and Great British bake off are some of the examples of such TV. You can watch these shows for free on TV aerial, get one installed now by https://tvaerialinstaller.co.uk/london/

The reason why these shows are good for you is that creativity is said to increase happiness. In the words of psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, who specializes in the theory of happiness, “for many people, happiness comes from creating new things and making discoveries.” He talked about this in his TED talk as well where he explained that creativity is directly connected to our wellbeing and plays a role in strengthening it. One of the main reasons for this, he explained, was that being creative makes us feel like we are alive, and creating things that we like is directly linked to creating happiness for ourselves.

So, the next time you find yourself binging a creative show, don’t feel guilty! This little binge-watch may lead you to discover your passion for creating things you did not know you wanted to make!

Healthy Living

We know this is probably something you won’t be able to believe, but TV does promote Healthy living lifestyles. Ever watched a Doctor drama and realized that your living habits weren’t exactly the best? Or watched a health drama that made you rethink your lifestyle choices? Shows like Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice are popular for not only their amazing plot twists but also their ability to promote healthy living amongst their audience.

These shows often contain information about symptoms of common diseases and illustrate how they are usually treated. Often, they include relevant information that has helped many people recognize that they may have underlying health conditions. Many of these programs’ writers work with health professionals and provide viewers with a better understanding of health conditions.

You will also find that these dramas sometimes have a public service announcement before or after the episodes where they explain the health issue that is being discussed. These dramas also provide information on where someone can find help if they are suffering or have symptoms of an illness. This form of entertainment-education enables the viewers to make better choices and promotes a healthy lifestyle proving that TV is good for you.

 Stress Relieve

Sometimes all you want to do is forget about real life and become engrossed in a show that will make you laugh, and that is not only acceptable but also extremely necessary when it comes to reducing stress. A good laugh after a long day at home or a thriller show that makes you forget about the meetings at the office can significantly affect your mood and almost recharge you.

In fact, according to Dr. Wright, TV is a good stress management tool in the sense that it helps us “decompress and fill our tank up”. One of the reasons behind this, he discusses, is that TV can invoke certain emotions in us. A comedy show is an amazing way of getting serotonin whereas a thriller or horror induces high adrenaline, both of which are good for stress.

It is also important to remember that certain TV shows or movies can become a comfort to people. In sadness or anger, they turn to these shows and movies to bring them calmness and happiness. Not only is comfort shows an amazing way of reducing stress because they are familiar, but they are also an amazing way to promote healthy living.

Studies have found that just watching anything is not going to help. It is certain kinds of shows and genres that have the highest impact on a person’s stress levels and living habits. So, next time, make sure you are conscious about your TV watching decisions and are not watching shows that don’t have any positive effect on you. TV is good for you only when informative decisions are made about the kind of entertainment you wish to engage in.

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