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Introduction to CMS 

Crew Management System OR CMS started back in 2005. It has different modules including Freight, Shunter, Teaching, SMS, Loco Inspector, QUICK and much more. CMS is using the most recent technologies like the Distant Administration to cater the demands of the users. They can access from the centralized location, and it is possible to enjoy time syncing too. The system has gained popularity worldwide, but it is being used by the Indian Railways. It is accessible from over 300 locations and is benefitting over one lakh users. The recent addition to CMS is the Electrical Loco administration software program. They started it back in June 2009 in the Jhansi Division. The Electrical Loco administration is the venture by the identical crew. They added this innovative feature back in June 2010.

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A Guideline To Cms Report Login

CMS Report User Login Page:

  1. Visit the CMS report login page.
  2. Add your registered ID and password. 
  3. Go to the Contact Us section to resolve the problem of signing in. 

Managing the old version of CMS

If you are using the older version then even then you can login easily. Here are some steps that would help you log in to the older version with no problem:

  1. Visit the homepage of the older version of the CMS report to proceed with login. 
  2. Use your registered ID and password to log in.
  3. In case of any problem, visit Contact Us. 

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The minds behind CMS Report Indian Railways 

CMS Report Railway is supervised by a single administration and includes a huge working community that includes 100,000 Loco Pilots and Practice Managers. They have the best team working for a fixed salary. As compared to other C staff categories they are far better and enjoy unlimited benefits as compared to the rest. 

The Cms Loco Pilots, An Overview

We know the Loco Operating Staff as Loco Pilots. The career begins as the Assistant Loco Pilot. They work on freight trains for 10 to 12 years. After their recruitment, they work with the trained Loco Pilots and work as assistants to aid the seniors. After this, they get promoted as the Loco Pilot Shunter. To get the promotion, they undergo training and attend essential programs that are required. At this stage,  they can run the locomotives within the shed at a speed not more than 15km/hr. After spending two successful years at this position, they get to the post of Loco Pilot/Freight. They work under the monitoring of the Loco Inspectors. 

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The locomotive usually moves with an Assistant Loco Pilot and a Loco Pilot. The presence of the Assistant pilots is a must, but the Loco Pilots depends upon the distinct classes. The Freight Loco Pilots are there on the Freight trains while the Passenger Loco Pilots handle the passenger trains. The shunters do their duties in the yards. They work in shifts on the shifting trains. They do not need any team, but they work all alone with no help. 

Final Words

There is a Practice Supervisor of the prepare that heads the Loco Pilot. They help in preparing the route, deciding the velocity limits, determining the signaling error, estimating the required brake energy and the security of the entire system. The rear finish Practice Supervisor work for the site visiting.

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