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There are numerous unique video streaming networks. The famous ones like Vimeo, YouTube, and so forth. Were given huge success in this industry. However, there are few other video streaming systems that still below cowl because of their less utilization. But it does now not imply they’re no longer right. And they don’t offer excellent offerings in evaluation with different web sites like youtube. In this context, we’ve mentioned the whole thing about “Wistia” and an easy way to download wistia videos without spending time with trouble-unfastened steps in the year 2020.


Wistia is the video streaming platform for all of folks that watch movies for leisure, studying, business, and other things. Wistia is not like an everyday video streaming website. This website has functions like advertising and marketing software program integration, and lots greater. It’s far a leading video streaming platform, which makes it clean for Host, agencies to manipulate, create, and percentage videos. But what if you like to download the video from Wistia? What is the perfect manner to install Wistia videos? But, there are so many unfastened apps which can be to be had to down load the films, however its constantly a risk as to its third-birthday celebration software.

The usage of a third-party app is still risky as that software program is made by a person else in preference to a producer. There may be no download button available on the films commonly. Apart from that, such a lot of portals say that you could down load the Wistia video, however, it downloads the video with some Virus or malware which is not appropriate for your device. Now, the question is, how can you install the Wistia videos.

There are plenty of questions like the problem whilst downloading the content. Additionally, users are trying to find wistia options and plenty of greater. Right here, in this content, we tell you easy ways to download wistia videos without the use of any software. I just focused on the simple strategies and begin downloading Wistia videos.

3 Easy Way to Download Wistia Videos

We’ve got supplied each step guideline to download videos from Wistia, so comply with up the given methods and download videos.
Earlier than you download the video from Wistia, you first need to get the video URL. It’s no longer clean to get right of entry to a video cope with from Wistia, that’s simpler on Vimeo and YouTube. You need to get the URL link from the Code. The Code of the Wistia video might trade yearly. So, take a look at out these Steps and download the Wistia movies.

First Method: Download Video by Code

  • first of all, you need to take that Code which is after “wvideo=” (an example wvideo=o1kvat5mfb)
  • At the second step, pasting the Code to
  • Now at the third step, you can quickly get the URL Link:
  • In last when you created the above URL Link. Just simple browse The and put your URL Link into it.

Second Method: Download Video by Hidden URL

  • Open your desired video and right-click on it
  • Here you will see the option “Copy URL Link and Thumbnail.”

  • CHECK on this URL link and Just simply do copy URL  and paste it to word or notepad.
  • Right-click on this link up to, ignore the rest and click on save option.

Third Method: Download Video from Source

  • First of all open your desired window from wistia which you want to download.
  • Here at second step go to the page and click the right-click and select the option “view page source”  add the code “view-source” into the URL link
  • A third step just simply click the Source page press from keyboard Ctrl + F key and search for media, here you will get URL link as mention
  • In the last step just simply remove “.jsonp” from your URL link it will be shown like this,

Conclusion :

In this article, we try our best to give you 3 easy ways to download Wistia videos effortlessly with our best of knowledge. Using any other applications is volatile, so many of them don’t want to download videos from the one programs. The given strategies to download Wistia films are easy and secure, which does not use some other programs. (Ainee)

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