Best Way To Improve Your German

Looking for the best and easy way to improve your German? Read this article.

Enhancing your German can be quite the task as there is so much information roving the internet some of which are effective others of which aren’t straightforward and precise enough. In this article, you will be exposed to just the 3 best ways to improve your mastery of German.

You need to be adept in the language because it is one of the major widely taught languages in the world. It is the most spoken native language within Europe after English and French. Language has a great influence on Science, Technology, Theology, and Philosophy. It is also the second most widely used language on websites and the most commonly used scientific language.

To improve the proficiency of your German, here are the top 3 tips you should consider;

1.  Understand the Basics of the Language

The basics of any language include the alphabet, Nouns, prepositions, sentence formation, adjectives, adverbs, definite and indefinite articles, etc. Having the understanding of these basics can help you in the arrangement and structure of the language because in German, you are most likely going to come in contact with some mind-boggling grammar early on and this will only be a problem if you are not familiar with the basics of the language.

To understand and learn the basics you may decide to teach yourself by exploring online and watching videos and you may decide to enroll with a teacher or a school provided that you are sure of their proficiency in German.

However, choosing the alternative of self-taught can take some time as your learning speed maybe be slowed down due to the amount of time that you have to take on investigating the right content to consume so it is mostly advisable to learn the basics of German by enrolling in an institution or employing the services of a German teachers online. On this part, recommendations are needed, you may need to approach families, and friends or do some little research before hiring or enrolling for the German language so that you can be taught the basics properly.

2.  Don’t Keep in your Head – Say it Out. Practice Everyday!

Learning without practice is a wasted endeavor. Practice makes perfect, they say, and to do this you should develop the habit of speaking the language. The more you speak it the more you will get to understand the language and be more fluent. One of the ways you can practice this is by making friends with those who speak the language, you may choose to have them as your flatmates or close friends just make sure you keep them close enough so you can get to say more than ‘Guten Morgen’ (Good morning) or ‘Hallo’ (Hello).

Another way to practice German language is through the use of social media. There are so many spaces on social media that you can be a part of to improve your proficiency in the language, one such space is twitter space. Spaces is a way to have live audio chats on Twitter the feature is available for anyone who has a Twitter account. You can actively search for German Twitter spaces on the app then join and practice conversing by contributing to the topic.

Another feature you can practice with is Clubhouse, this app is similar to the Twitter space feature. It is an audio-based social media app that was launched in 2020.

To find rooms for German-speaking practice, simply search for keywords such as German class, learn German or German practice and you will see a lot of different people and room clubs that host German-speaking practice rooms. However, If you can’t find a room that’s currently active, make sure to note down the times for scheduled rooms in the club or member profiles.

In addition, you should also invest your time in consuming media materials such as TV shows, Movies, soap operas, television series, news, and documentaries that have been translated into German while doing that practice the pronunciation of some words by shadowing or imitating as attempting to imitate aboriginal speakers is a great way to improve your pronunciation.

Further, in areas where you are perplexed, be sure to look things up or ask for help if needed. Also, you should develop the habit of reading German texts as much as possible and when you do, read them out loud so that you can also practice the accent.

However, keep in mind that provinces that speak German have slight differences in the way they pronounce some of their words, so you may try to listen to native German speakers attentively and observe the way their mouths move as they talk then practice that movement when you speak and notice how it changes your pronunciation another idea is to have yourself recorded and play it back and make comparisons to listen to how you sound or practice in front of your mirror by paying attention to the position of your lips. This is because the position of your lips, tongue, and how wide your mouth can control the sound of the words.

You should also adopt the idea of writing in German. Take the first step by writing spontaneous sentences or quotes that come to your mind and after you might have gained ground you can switch to writing long notes. You can decide to draw up a list of topics so that you can have an idea of new things to write on from time to time, also make sure you are accountable to someone who can evaluate the write-ups and give pointers on what you aren’t doing well where and when necessary. This may be important if you are self-teaching yourself.

3.   Build Your Confidence

Now that you are sure your expertise has improved compared to when you started, all you need to do is to build confidence in yourself. You have to condition your mind to believe that you don’t have to be scared of making mistakes because blunders are good ways to learn. Also, when corrected by a native speaker, thank them and repeat what they just said and you could even let them know that you are new to the language. Since Germans are nice people, they would surely offer to help where and when necessary.


Finally, remember that you are just understanding a new language and no one expects you to become eloquent overnight. So take your time and ensure to practice. Take notes too. Watch German movies with subtitles – if you are a beginner, start with short clips or animations and then you can move up to classics till you can watch a full German movie series without subtitles. You are free to use flashcards since they help you to remember words and their meaning. While it would take some time, remember that it all happens one day at a time. viel Glück! (Good luck).

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