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So in case you are quarantined at domestic and want to urgently place a group video call from your Android? Or, you simply bored and want to video call your friends and buddies. Well, you constantly have Skype for it but that genuinely isn’t the best alternative out there. Apart from Skype, you’ve got numerous other options where you could bring over your pals, circle of relatives, and loved ones. Those other apps will let you even share displays, files, motion pictures, record conversations, react to films, and many others. So with that stated, Right here are a number of the great institution video requires Android.

Group Video Call Apps for Android

1. Skype

Max limit: 25 people

Allow’s start this list with Skype because it is probably the oldest app in the global to support institution video calls. Even earlier than there have been Android and iOS, Skype becomes available on home windows. What makes Skype famous is that it’s far available no longer simplest on cell structures but also a laptop, Macs, browsers, and PlayStation. This makes it less difficult to hook up with folks that are using their laptops. a larger display method you could view extra.

You may make a collection name with up to 10 people but Skype says the range varies. In my revel in, it is right for threefive human beings. As in line with their FUP (truthful usage policy), you can video call for a max of a hundred hours a month with a 10 hour an afternoon restriction. you can additionally share your display screen.

The interface isn’t always the very best and most intuitive, and it works slow on my Android. On the plus facet, you may proportion your display and also files. Skype lets in you to call everyday smartphone numbers too which is a plus, however for a fee. If the individuals within the institution name don’t have Android or iOS with them, they can also chat from the Skype web.

What’s good?

  • A limit of 25 people in a group video call
  • Cross-platform apps to connect from any device
  • Share-screen and files while on the video call
  • Record video and voice calls and shares instantly

What’s not?

  • Video call limit of 10 hrs/day and 100 hours/month

2. Hangouts

Maximum limit: 25 people

Hangouts are Google’s answer to Skype. A loose chat messaging app that supports institution video calling on different devices and systems inclusive of Android. Whilst WhatsApp works on numbers saved to your phone, Hangouts is attached to your Gmail identity. You may connect and video chat with up to 10 humans right away.


Being a Google product, it plays well with different Google services like Drive, Maps, Calendar, and Gmail. you may be part of Hangouts together with your existing

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