The Best Djembe for Beginners in 2020

The best djembe for beginners is hard to find as there are different brands creating djembe of all sizes and styles. Therefore it becomes hard to find the one according to personal needs and requirements. Djembe is a musical instrument that is native to Western Africa. It looks like a small drum that is covered with a skin. It is tuned with the help of the ropes that are tied all around the drum. The user makes use of the hands to play the tunes by beating the skin.

How to find the right djembe drums for beginners?

  1. For those who want to get the best djembe in the early years of their playing, it is important to get the best option. To choose from among the available options here are some essential points to keep in mind.
  2. Performance and outcomes: Both of these factors determine the quality of the drums. It is possible to get the best beginner djembe when we actually know about the quality of the material used. Check for the wood, robes, and the skin as they make the core features of the construction. The craftsmanship and the reliability of the brand from the collective performance of all these.
  3. The musical outcomes: The music played by the djembe is different from the ones that are created by the other usual instruments. To create impressive music it is essential to know which style you are opting for. The same goes for the sound style. Keep in mind the music and sound style, discuss with the seller, and then choose the right option.
  4. Design: You might come across a djembe that is beautifully designed. This is but not the right way. The design and quality must go hand in hand with each other. If the design is eye-catching, the quality must be maintained as well. Right shapes with perfectly added parts are what actually matters.
  5. Cost: There is no doubt about the financial matters. It is very important to keep in mind the quality that fits your budgetary limits. It is not hard to get the best djembe for the money that you have in your pocket.


What is the best djembe drum to buy?

If you are looking for a great djembe drum and still not able to decide which brand to prefer then here are some names that have become really popular among those who love the tunes created by djembe drums.


  • The Remo Djembe drums 


These are the most popular among the creators of the djembe drums. Their drums are sold all over the globe. They are known for creating something that is unique in all aspects. It has amazing design, eye-catching colors, and the best materials used for the body. It supports different music and sound styles quite well. The sum of all the features makes it worth praising. It measures 10x10x10 inches and has a weight of 10 pounds in total. The beginners find it easy to handle as they can use it for any kind of drumming style. The top-notch quality, impressive bass, and the easy tuning feature make it worth buying even if you are a newcomer in this field.


  • Meinl Percussion HDJ4-L Nile Series Headliner Rope Tuned Djembe


For those searching for the best djembe for beginners, the Meinl percussion series is a great option. It has an easy to handle the size of 12x12x12 inches that makes it a perfect musical instrument for even the adult musicians. It is not too heavy either. The manufacturers give the choice of buying it in medium size as well.

The music lovers can play multiple sounds without any difficulty. The broader head surface allows you to create great sounds by beating it as you need. If there is some problem in creating the right tunes then you can easily tune the ropes as you like.


  • Meinl Percussion HDJ3-M Black River Series Headliner Rope Tuned Djembe


Measuring 10x10x20 inches this beautifully crafted mahogany drum is a kind that every buyer would love to have. Despite this construction, it weighs only 9 pounds that is convenient enough to carry around. The beginners praise the acoustic quality of the drum. Above all what is the most inspiring for the buyers is the two-year warranty.


  • African Hand-carved Djembe Drum from Ivory Coast


It is appreciated the most as it is closest in design, style, and tunes to the original African drums. It has a reasonably affordable price and can be comfortably tuned to the desired sounds. It is crafted with the special Iroko wood. It is specifically designed for beginners. Therefore they find it quite easy to learn basic music skills without feeling perplexed. It has smooth edges, a size measuring 13x13x12 inches, and a total weight of 15.7 pounds. For the unsatisfied buyers, there is a choice of the complete money-back guarantee.

It comes with a 100% money-back guarantee.


  • Deep Carved Djembe Bongo Drum


Brilliantly carved, amazingly designed, and perfectly tuned this is so far among the top rankers in the djembe drums for the beginners. It is hard to find any flaw in the beats, quality, and the support of the style. It is a promising instrument for playing anywhere you like. It is created in such a way that it continues the traditional style. The goatskin head makes it one of its kind drums. The dried kiln is perfected into the shell and then it is finally shielded from wear and tear with the 20 coats of teak oil.

Some Interesting Facts


  • Kinds of tones with djembe:


There are three different kinds of sounds created by djembe drums namely tone, bass, and slap. For those who admire the soft sounds, it is the tone, while the slap is on a louder side.


  • Why goatskin is the right choice?


As per the traditional djembe makers, it is the best kind of the head skin material as it is sturdy, tough, and longer-lasting.


  • The devil drum


The djembe drums are popularly known as the devil drums in the native communities. It is because the drums are made out of a special tree, Dimba which is also known as the devil wood.


Many beginners find it difficult to buy the best djembe drums.  A professional assistance in this regard can be really helpful that would assist the buyer in getting the right one for the initial days as the drummer. The beginner has to refine his skills and learn further, hence it is essential to get the right option.


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