Best Stressthem Alternatives Sites In 2022

Stressthem is one of the most popular IP booting and IP stressing websites on the market, and it provides up to 1.1 gigabits per second of bandwidth stress testing. Stressthem is also capable of launching layer 4 and layer 7 assaults, which include UDPMIX, CLDAP, and DNS, among other things. Recently, their website has been reported as being down, and we can confirm that this has now been going on for about three weeks (since this post).

Is Stressthem Safe?

StressThem is not safe, according to user evaluations and website support, and it is recommended that you utilize one of the reputable IP booting services that are now accessible on the market. Always test a website utilizing the free IP stresser to determine whether the website’s owner or support team responds to your support queries first.

Why Is Stressthem Not Working?

StressThem was conned out of their job a month ago and will no longer be employed. However, the domain continues to refer to a server, and it will be necessary to watch what happens in the future. It’s possible that it may expire or that it will lead to a different Stresser website. Only time will tell whether this is true.

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  • The SSL certificate, also known as a Secure Sockets Layer certificate, is in good working order.
  • It ensures that the services it provides are up to date.
  • Customers may join up for a free trial and then choose from a number of different subscription options.
  • Stressthem provides its consumers with a diverse selection of programs.
  • It has a data transfer rate of up to 1000 Gbps.
  • The services may be renewed on a monthly basis by the customer.
  • It protects the confidentiality and safety of the customer.


  • From the attacker’s perspective, bitcoins are used by a relatively small number of individuals as compared to conventional payment methods.
  • It is difficult to locate the vendor or the property’s owner. Due to the fact that it uses an anonymous payment mechanism.
  • Stressthem is a group that organizes in high-risk areas.
  • It is possible that it will provide high-risk cryptocurrency services.
  • On this server, a large number of dubious websites have been discovered.
  • DDoSing may be deemed criminal in several jurisdictions.

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Best Stressthem Alternatives In 2022

1. Freestresser. to

Freestresser. to

This website is currently ranked 383528th in the world, and 35773rd in Turkey, according to Alexa. It is free stress that allows you to run a stress test on your network to ensure that it is secure.

2. Hardstresser. com

Hardstresser. com

It is the site that has the most powerful attack Stresser Service in the world. Which has maintained its position as the industry leader in the 1500 Gbit/s segment. The website now has a worldwide rating of 456,701 and a Turkish ranking of 27,900, according to Alexa.

3. Str3ssed.com


In the previous eight years, it has been operating at an average speed of 800 Gbit/s, making it the most powerful and effective IP booter. At the moment, Turkey is rated 213,363rd in the world and 30,778th in the country.

4. Asylumstresser. to

Asylumstresser. to

It comes with a straightforward stress testing interface and a significant amount of power. It is possible to obtain up to 200 Gbps during a stress test.

Stressthem FAQ:

Is Stressthem Safe?

StressThem is not secure, thus if you need to boot an IP address, you should probably use one of the other, more reliable offerings on the market instead. Before submitting a letter of support to service, constantly give it a try with the complimentary IP source of pain to check the whether administrator with support workers really responds.

Why Is Stressthem Not Working?

One month ago, someone used a fake version of something like the StressThem departure script, therefore the script will no longer operate. But the domain still has a server associated with it, so anything that happens will need to be tracked. It may become invalid or lead you to a separate Source of stress page. The future has the answer.

Stressthem To Alternative?

Considering how lucrative both IP stressors but instead IP advanced persistent markets are, they are going to remain accessible. If you’re looking for a replacement for stressthem, try one of the options listed above.

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