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How To Grow Your Instagram And Become An Influencer

Influencers have become some of the most recognized and searched after groups of people on the internet.

Naturally, many of their fans and followers want to follow their footsteps. Their goal is to establish successful influencer careers of their own on Instagram.

In this blog, we would like to show you how to get closer to that goal.

Nowadays, anyone can become an influencer. All it takes is an Instagram account, a touch of creativity, and one heck of a strategy. But don’t worry, we’ll be covering the strategy part. To fully conceptualize this idea, we’re going to get down to, quite literally, business.

Business mode – ON!

It’s very important to make that Personal to Professional profile transition. Especially if you want to be more than just another Instagram profile.

Plus, it’s very easy to switch to Business-mode. All you need to do is:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Select “Account
  3. Press “Switch to Professional Profile

And voila!

Everything else is up to you. The business category and the Business to Creator choice for example. You know your business best, so your judgment is vital here.

The reason why this transition is important is because of the Professional account-only features. Like Insights.

Insights can show you the number of Impressions, your Reach, Audience Activity, and many many more cool pieces of information!

Based on information like this, you’ll be able to fully customize your content posting and strategy around your audience. Creating the utmost activity and exposure!

The Fans Are Vital

Having a large following on Instagram is the biggest goal here. People will give you many tips on how to grow your page, but there is this “public secret” Influencers don’t want you to know about.

You gotta give the “almighty dollar” to get more back.

In Instagram terms, that means you have to invest. Invest in what? Amazing Instagram growth services like flocksocial.

Their service is 100% safe and fully catered to you and your needs. We believe it’s genuinely the best investment you could make. Especially if you want to become an influencer, fast.

This won’t only give your page thousands of real followers. It will also improve your rep. No word is worth as much as a positive word of mouth. On Instagram of course.

But don’t ask us, ask the 5000+ of Flock’s satisfied clients!

Pimp your Content 

Influencers are without a doubt recognized based on their content. A cool Instagram picture that started a trend is notably the best one. And these guys always try to look for and create new trends in the community.

Content should be your biggest priority.

Based on your audience’s activity, create a posting schedule that consists of posting 2-3 times a week. Depending on your account statistics of course.

After that, it’s important to think about style and aesthetics. In reality, many people that follow all these influences follow their God-tier Instagram aesthetic.

From how they pose, to the makeup and outfits. All tied up in youthful editing with apps like FaceTune, VSCO, and Lightroom. You can’t go wrong with seeking inspiration either.

Developing your own style comes with time and influence. But focusing on the quality is both a possibility and necessity from the get-go.

Final Thoughts 

Becoming somewhat Instagram/internet famous is a dream of many youngsters and folks out there. It’s the 21st-century dream job, isn’t it?

It’s entirely possible to turn that into reality, however, you do need brains and commitment. Perhaps a bit of help from Flock Social too.

All in all, your own creativity with your content and relationship with your audience is the biggest breakthrough you’ll have.

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