3 Easy Ways to Set Up an Android Phone for Kids

It has become imperative and essential to provide smartphones to children. For the reason of their own security and the assurance of parents, smartphones have become a very important part of a child’s life. 

But, is it only being used wisely by children? View this page to know how and why parents are increasingly using spy applications to keep a tab on their children. As a parent, you are aware of the vulnerability of your child and it’s only concerning to see the increasing crime rates against children.

Minspy is the new age spy application that provides the perfect platform for tracking your child’s location, seeing their call records, messages, Instagram, Facebook, and other popular social media channels. 

While Minspy is an undebatable leader, there are other applications too that provide an easy set for Android phones for kids:


Minspy is the most perfect web-based application. The application is most coveted for its simplicity and superb stealth mode. As a web-based application, it has the least requirements for any installations and set up. It leaves minimum trails.


You might be wondering why you must choose Minspy over other spy applications? It is because it offers more than other spy applications and is devoid of malware and phishing tools. It delivers what is promised.

When it comes to Android phones, they have certain non-negotiable terms. You can’t just remotely access any software remotely. Like other spy applications, Minspy too is no exception to this non-negotiable rule. If there is a promising utter remote access, it is lying.

As a part and parcel for Android, you need to download the application on your child’s Android phone. When that is done, you just need to hide the application on the phone. Minspy has been designed to weigh only 2 MB.

The weight is made less so there is no space constraint created and it is easier to hide and not make the app go undetected. It’s a very secure way to function with the Android bottleneck. Apart from offering a perfect remote access solution, below are some awesome features of Minspy:

Stealth Mode

All that Minspy needs is the email ID for registration. It doesn’t ask for any unnecessary information. It offers utter remote conduct in the case of the iPhone. You do not even need to touch your child’s phone. 

Stealth Mode

When it comes to secrecy and discreteness, Minspy wins hands down. The stealth mode is built into the very structure of the application. No amount of time spying can make your child aware of the existence of a parental control app on their phone.

Friendly User Interface

Minspy is very convenient to spy with. It has an extremely simple dashboard that is easily understandable to users who do not know much about technology. 

Monitoring an Android Phone 

With Android phones, you need to download and hide the app on the target phone. The entire process is utterly safe and there is not much action you need to do. However, this is just a one-time requirement. 

Monitoring an Android Phone 

As and when you link with your child’s Android phone once, you don’t need to touch his Android phone ever again. The entire process would be totally remote thereafter. Even if you want to remove the phone later, you can do so remotely through Minspy’s dashboard. 

Key Features

Minspy has a lot to offer. It can almost clone your child’s Android phone for you. It allows you to garner access to your child’s social media pages. Even if your child’s social media has a private setting, you can still have access to their pages. 

So, you can have an unhindered look at their Instagram page, Facebook page, Snapchat, Twitter, and any other app installed on their phone. You can also see the kind of apps they have on their phone. 


Even first-timers to the Minspy app become a fan of the application in no time. The amount of patrons who use Minspy proliferates each day. The application offers the perfect set up and platforms for parents worldwide to connect to their child’s phone.

Minspy is the best performer amidst all the spy applications that claim a lot but deliver too little. This app has such an amazing interface that even first-timers with technology or spy applications can feel totally at ease on this platform. 


Spyier is a very trustworthy spy application that is also preferred by parents far and wide. It has a very varied user base. The application also has all the major features expected of a spy app. It is extensive and perfect. 

The application also has a good stealth mode that ensures the safety and security of your spying. It also bears a good dashboard that is easy to understand and function on.  It does not necessitate rooting.



Neatspy is a very neat spy application. It has clean procedures and a rather simple interface. The users can just function on the app without worrying about being caught. It also has a good customer base. 

When it comes to Neatspy, the app allows you to view your child’s smartphone promptly. It is extremely efficient and superb in its functionalities and is trusted by parents worldwide.



If you want more details about Minspy and what makes it top the list, you can view this page. The app has set quality benchmarks in the parental control app industry. As parents, there is no bliss in ignorance. Being unaware of your child’s actions can have major ramifications. 

Choose Minspy because it is the perfect app that can address prominent issues or parents. You no longer have to worry about where your child is, what they are doing, who are they texting. You see the true black and white. It is more insightful than tainted pictures of truth that teenagers are experts in painting. Check TodayTechnology for interesting articles.

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