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Food is always a visual treat with an ability to make a statement through its color,
quality, and taste that can make or break a restaurant business brand especially
when running a last-mile food delivery system.

It is never easy to win the hearts of foodies and getting to their hearts is a hurdle every business have to go through.

However, with social media coming into limelight, it has surely become easier for businesses to tap into Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Instagram wisely to have maximum reach in no time.

Herein, we are going to tell you about the most creative social media strategies you can put into play to help your restaurants make the most out of reaching out to clients socially.

These strategies are real-life cases that have already been tested in the last-mile route optimization system and successfully boosted business sales and revenue.

  • Include amazing visuals within marketing material

Even if your food can be overwhelmingly tasty, without creating proper awareness, prospective customers won’t be able to know about your food taste and quality.

Visuals are a great way to emote your feelings and convey your taste to your customers, which means you need to take great photos or videos of food and restaurant interiors and innovative food delivery ideas that would entice your customers to come to you.

Besides having tasty food and cozy ambience, it very important to build a cordial long term relationship with your customers who tend to visit your place even once.

  • Take orders on social media to make things easier

Today, social media can act as a wonderful source of taking online orders and deliver the same at the comforts of your home while keeping problems with food delivery startups at bay.

A classic example of a company using this strategy is Domino’s Pizza, who evolved from an underdog to the largest pizza company in the world.

Domino’s Pizza overtook Pizza Hut with a business valued at $12.3 billion in revenue globally, and all thanks to digital marketing.

Their social media presence is so penultimate that it has regained a world wide recognition in the industry of pizzas with the name becoming synonymous to pizza.

  • Real time advertising on Festive Days makes a difference

It is very important to take full advantage of special days in a calendar year so that you can have special items cooked on special occasions and offered to your customers via offers and discounts while not to mention preparing customised meals for special days.

Launching polls and opinions on special days as well as launching contests can grab the customer eyeballs right away with scope for preparing wide delicacies.

Taking the example of Vineyard Restaurant and Wine Bar of Chef Adrianne based in Miami did a mind-blowing job of posting simple yet effective image on Facebook on National Spaghetti Day that had an amazing feedback in terms of increased traction and likes.

Another great example to cite here is that of a UK based fast food restaurant Smashburger who collaborated with fans, influencers, and bloggers through Instagram using the trending #NationalHamburgerDay hashtag.

The most simplest way to do this is add up the trending hashtags to your posts that can play an instrumental role in bringing extensive traction.

However, you need a combination of multiple social media strategies to get substantial results, since applying just one of them won’t make a major difference, besides keeping an eye on competitors strategies also can be defining in planning your social media approach.

  • Creative innovation should take over your thoughts

It is a myth that you can uplift your social media accounts via big budget, influencers, paid advertising, or hiring a social media team.

It is just the right balance of innovative ideas and creative vision to get the posts click the right people at right place in right time.

McDonald is a world’s most renowned brand when it comes to fast food like burgers and it did a unique way to promote itself by means of doodles that people can easily connect to.

With such a deadly combo of doodles and fast food, McDonald adopted this wonderful way of promotion via Instagram marketing.

Further, hand drawn illustrations combined with product photography were used by the brand in escalating the social charm.

Not just that but they took optimum benefits of the Christmas to create campaigns related to the festive and had a tremendous response in terms of sales.

  • Open up in front of customers via storytelling

Food industry is so competitive that what works best in this industry is winning the hearts of food lovers via transparency, trust, and honesty.

Hence, it is very important for last mile route optimisation application brands to connect with the audience on an emotional level via storytelling and letting them be a part of your kitchen, recipes, restaurant behind the scenes via live visits, images, and videos.

What have you learnt?

It is extremely competitive to survive in the food and restaurant business as well as last mile food delivery application wherein competition is just so tough that leveraging social media becomes crucially important.

You need to have a perfect mix of aesthetic visuals, user-generated content, contests and loyalty programs, consistent posting schedule, and out of the box thoughts if you want social media to skyrocket your restaurant business.

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Noman Shaikh

Noman Shaikh is a Digital Marketing Head at Fixlastmile which is known for developing top-notch last mile delivery System. He believes in sharing his strong knowledge base with leaned concentration on entrepreneurship and business.

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