Create Invisible Folders On Windows – Alternate Way To Hide Secret Folders

You can maintain the info safer with various protection features from Windows 10. This one technique is to create a folder via an invisible title and a hidden logo.

This is not the easiest method to secure the info protected. Although, it is convenient to save essential data in quite an invisible folder. Unless you are not confident regarding concealing personal info within this folder.

Creating Invisible Folders on Windows is a quick and convenient process. Meanwhile, we have perused various methods for hiding personal data files. both without the use of applications.

Nonetheless, since you’re confused among these old methods. You got, it correct as well as a hidden folder is unquestionably an effective and more reliable option to conceal things. If u wish to keep certain sensitive information on the laptop hidden from probing eyes you may try creating an invisible folder.

Create Invisible Folders On Windows

Generally, Creating Invisible Folders On Windows likely eases consumers in hiding photographs, files, as well as other media items. That they desire to keep hidden from their peers and certain other individuals. Well, let’s begin…

Create Invisible Folders On Windows

  • Firstly, press on the Right side and pick a Folder around a vacant place on the laptop.
  • Afterward, you’ll be able to change the file whenever the new folder shows on the laptop.
  • Then simply pick up the ALT key and enter 255 or 0160 on the numeric keypad.
  • After that, press Enter.


Hence let you enter the code on either a numbers keyboard or even neither uses numerical keys only at front of the keyboard. Furthermore, we type a single character which isn’t even ASCII character code upon this keyboard.

  • Just, you get an invisible folder, and that is to invisibly hide. The Folder sign then picks the icons > Settings by right-clicking.

Create Invisible Folders On Windows

  • Then u will See Alter icons options there in the Folders logo tab. Click on the change icon option.

Create Invisible Folders On Windows

  • There are many folder icon options to view. Choose a clear pic and click the OK option below.
  • The desktop icon has even been hidden/invisible!!!

Nevertheless creating Invisible Folders On Windows 10 has its distinct sets of upsides and drawbacks…

The upsides of Creating Invisible Folders in Windows 10. Because if anyone wants to expose secret data files, the invisible folder will remain hidden.

The Drawbacks of Creating Invisible Folders in Windows, In addition, you must remember where you created the invisible folder. Therefore even though the search bar will not enable you to find the hidden folders you created to protect the data.

How to Re-create Invisible Folders Visibly?

In File Explorer as well as the data specified inside, this invisible folder may keep it hidden. Click a wide area to pick numerous files or folders using the mouse cursor. And that is how you locate the invisible folder you have specified without any icon.

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However. above we learned u how to Create Invisible Folders On Windows. Until it occurs to securing your private data you may never remain enough careful. Multiple techniques suit different users. This small guide helped u a lot…

Stay safe and Be positive!!!


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