Dragon Age Inquisition Won’t Launch [2021]

Dragon Age is one of the greatest games. However, there are many problems with these games. In this, one problem is that Dragon Age Inquisition won’t be launch. Although, it keeps users run out of the sport. Moreover, prohibiting you from fully immersing yourself in the game. Further, there is nothing quite like using an awful game skill.

Nonetheless, Dragon Age Inquisition can be a combination of pro and modern logic. That’s the third edition in the Dragon Age saga as well as the follow-up to Dragon Age Pioneers. Whereas, this game is compatible with Windows, Xbox, and PlayStation.

Generally,  there are unlimited issues are in this game, well you are doing not need to worry. However, the game crashes basic problems. Whereas you’re playing the game, the game won’t get enough memory and crashes instantly.

Moreover, during the playing game, the active antivirus additionally causes the game to crash or Dragon Age Inquisition Won’t Launch windows 10. Therefore, further, we’ll discuss which kind of issues users faced and how we can fix that all of these issues. Let’s Start…

Issues: Dragon age inquisition won’t Launching

However, there are quite a variety of causes for a game’s massive failure. Let’s see why the Dragon age inquisition won’t Launching…

Basically, the full-screen optimization problem of Windows is created when the user plays games as a window with no borders. They interfere with limited areas of the game that can be used to level up the game. That’s why this issue holds off the Dragon age inquisition. However, the games are launched in full mode via Windows. Though, usually issues with the game actually.

Rather, background Services mean many activities and functions performed in the back of the Windows system. However, it causes the Dragon age inquisition won’t Launching.

However, another attainable issue is the Compatibility reason for the game’s because sometimes, many software does not well match the layout of window 10. That causes the issue in the game.

Basically, Direct X is included with the game software and can even be accessed there in the setup file. However, the editions of this software possibly relate here to the game not operating properly on the devices.

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Fix Dragon Age Inquisition Issues

Start Clean Boot

It’s unlikely that even a process working on the side is the source of the issue. Nonetheless, we’ll be stepping inside Windows without any additional functioning.

  • Firstly, start the device as a user.
  • Then, type ms config in the search box and then tap it.
  • After that, tap on service and then tick the hide all Microsoft Service.
  • Then tap on disable all
  • Afterward, tap on the taskbar and then pick the task manager.
  • Then tap on startup. After that tap on enable that all of the apps are turned off.
  • In the end, restart the device and relaunch the game.

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Disabled Full-screen improvement

Although there is a chance that the full-screen improvement is causing the problem, the Dragon Age Inquisition Won’t Launch tech issues. Because of the full-screen improvement, the game runs across the entire screen, giving users an interactive experience.

  • Firstly, Just go to the Game Setup File and double-click it.
  • Then, select the Open folder.
  • After that,tap on DragonAgeInquisition.exe
  • Then, select Properties that appear.
  • Now, Select the Compatibility option from the drop-down menu.
  • Afterward, should be checked that Disable Full-Screen Improvements
  • After that, press Change and thereafter Done.

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Fix Troubleshooting Compatibility Issues

Most games do not even fully fit the layout of Windows 10, though they frequently have issues launching or playing. As a result, we’re going to use the Windows troubleshooting process to identify the basic application software edition to enjoy the game.

  • Firstly, Just go to the Game Setup File and double-click it.
  • Then, select the Open folder.
  • After that, tap on DragonAgeInquisition.exe
  • Then, select Properties that appear.
  • Now, Select the Compatibility option from the drop-down menu.
  • Afterward, tap on Run Compatibility Troubleshooter. However, the ideal OS need to launch the game would be instantly assessed by Windows.
  • Choose the Test option from Try Recommended Settings drop-down menu.
  • Now quit the window after saves the changes.


Although, users can fix these issues which we mentioned above. Hoped this blog helped u a lot…

Stay safe and be positive!!!


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