Mitigating IoT Security Risks

The Internet of Things, or IoT, is everywhere. There are now numerous different physical devices around the world connected to the internet, collecting and sharing data and most importantly making our lives easier. While just 20 years ago a large number of IoT devices would be unimaginable, now there is hardly anything that can’t be turned into part of the IoT. More and more businesses are now discovering the benefits of IoT and introducing some amazing products along the way. 

All of these internet-connected devices benefit individuals and businesses on a daily basis from health management, smart home improvements, to improving productivity and performance, but they also do come without some security concerns. More devices connected to the means more opportunities for cybercriminals to access those devices and with that your confidential information

But this is not a reason to avoid implementing various IoT systems into your business or your life especially as the studies show that adoption of IoT technology unlocks efficiency improvements at 80% of companies. By familiarizing yourself with the  IoT security risks, implementing proper security tools like device fingerprinting and data encryption you will be able to mitigate security risks you might face. 

How To Mitigate IoT Security Risks?

IoT can make a big difference for businesses everywhere, as long as they are used properly and securely. By following the tips below you can reduce the risks of using all of your internet-connected devices.

Regularly Check For Updates. 

Any security vulnerabilities in IoT systems regardless of how small are a major risk that can allow cybercriminals to access your devices. Luckily, all fraud detection software and programming are constantly monitored by its creators who keep updating it to ensure its safety. With these updates, all security vulnerabilities or performance issues are fixed which helps you get the maximum efficiency and security from each smart device you own. While the duty of software creators is to discover and patch up any vulnerabilities, it is your duty to keep on top of it and make sure you keep everything up to date. 

Implement Cybersecurity Strategy

The only way you can be completely safe from cyber-attacks is by stopping to remove anything connected to your life. The second option is to invest in cybersecurity tools that help you stay safe while online and protect you from cyber threats. From antivirus protection and firewalls to device fingerprinting and multi-factor verification, there are numerous tools you can use to prevent cyberattacks from happening. For example device fingerprinting gathers additional information from the device using it to create a unique fingerprint which means it can notice the moment there are some changes or discrepancies with the device. 

Encrypt Data

By encrypting data you will make it unusable for cybercriminals if they ever manage to access your IoT device. It might not stop the cyberattack completely but it will protect your confidential and sensitive data stopping cybercriminals from using it for their malicious purposes.

By using a VPN tunnel, a user’s device will connect to another network, hiding its IP address and encrypting the data. internetetsecurite is what will hide private information from attackers or others hoping to gain access to an individual’s activities. The tunnel will connect a user’s device to an exit node in another distant location, which makes it seem like the user is in another location.

VPNs associate a user’s search history with the VPN server’s IP address. VPN services will have servers located in different geographical areas, so it will look like the user could be from any one of those locations and access anything using internetprivatsphare.

Update Your Password Policy

In some cases, the threat will not come from the IoT devices or tools but from people who have access to them.  According to the research, nearly 80% of hacking attacks were password-related breaches. Bad password hygiene like reusing passwords and using something too simple or easy to guess, can have disastrous consequences. For example, the recent attack on Colonial Pipeline as a result of just one stolen password. This attack not only caused significant financial damage to them by stealing their data and disrupting fuel supplies to the U.S. Southeast but they also had to pay nearly $5 million in Bitcoin to regain access to their data and they still haven’t recovered completely.

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