How to Become a Good Programmer: Top 10 Advice

There is one major difference between top programmers and those who never make it up to the senior level.

Successful programmers are persistent learners. 

It doesn’t depend on whether they get hired by a software company like MLSDev that provides app development services, like that on the page, or work as freelancers to create websites or eCommerce shops. 

These professionals read every book, or blog, or article related to their domain.

They visit conferences, webinars, and workshops.

And there are a couple of more things we want to mention in this article.

If you want to know how to become a better programmer in 10 steps, continue reading.

1.Find a Mentor

There is no way to learn things better than from a professional.

Yet finding a mentor can be a hardship. According to the Forbes contributor Kathy Caprino, to find a mentor, you have to be someone who actively builds his or her career and is demonstrating it every day.

If there is no person willing to be your mentor, don’t ask a stranger anyway. It’s better to build up a network and follow a person you want to be a mentor. Share their tweets, follow them on social media, etc. Make sure your future mentor learns about you.

2.Use the Freyman Technique

The Freyman technique is about filling the gaps in your knowledge. The first step is identifying the gaps. After, you have to read all possible information on the subject.

Getting back to the thing you’ve already learned is even more efficient than mere learning. That’s because once you approach the subject once again, you’ll petrify your knowledge.

3.Write a lot of Code

This tip is about practice, that as we all know, makes perfect. Although you may be in a situation while writing a lot, you are also repeating your mistakes. That is why it is so important to read your code as well.

4. Read your Code

Like writing prose, programming requires a lot of proofreading and a second pair of eyes. When you get to read your code, imagine you see it for the first time. Can you understand clearly what this code is doing? If not, you have to improve that. Ans as you fix the errors and improve imperfections, it’s time to involve someone else.

The second pair of eyes will always find something you’ve missed with your code.

5. Read Someone Else’s Code

By reading someone else’s code, you learn new methods and practices that may have skipped your attention when you first started working with this matter.

6. Keep it Simple

Perhaps every programmer read Martin Fowler’s quote about good codding: “Any fool can write code that a computer can understand. Good programmers write code that humans can understand.”

Simple and logical codes work great. Often, people preferring complex code simply prove their capacity of creating such. By writing simpler, you make it easier for peers to review your code, fix it and mentor you.

7. Teach Others

Sometimes the best way to understand a thing is to explain this to others. This may refer to working in a team or communicating with strangers.

A starting programmer goes to a forum for help. A professional one goes there to give support. Also, helping others gives you one more benefit: you learn to solve issues you didn’t yet meet. And as a similar situation will occur in your work, you’ll already have a solution.

 8. Appliance of New Technologies

Inexperienced developers often tell they want to work “in the latest technologies.” Yet, new APIs, tools, and frameworks appear every day. What doesn’t change that fast is the core of technologies.

Since you never know what technology will be new tomorrow, it’s better to center your attention on understanding how tech works at its core rather than learning new products. This way, you’ll be prepared for the changes.

On the other hand, it is necessary to keep an eye on the innovations and emerging technologies like AI, AR & VR, IoT, etc. For example, blockchain is expected to be vastly adopted in new digital solutions across industries like fintech, eCommerce, health tech.

You may think blockchain is related to bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading like on the, but actually, the technology helps reduce operational costs, data genuineness of data, its validity, and security.   

9. Read Documentation

Reading documentation is what tells a great programmer. They always spend a lot of time reading manuals, specifications, tutorials, and instructions.

Reading documentation thoroughly allows you to understand better the basics of new subjects and avoid potential issues.

10. Know What is Happening There

A good programmer doesn’t just write code. He or she understands what stands behind every line, how it functions, and how it can be substituted.

You’d be surprised, but the number of people who leave a code with a clear understanding of how it will perform is relatively small.

So, if, when coding, you’ll find a moment to clear up all the moments you are not confident enough, that will pay off.

Summing Everything Up

The main thing to conclude from these ten tips is that you never have to stop trying new ways to improve your coding skills. And what is more important is not to compare yourself with others. By comparing yourself with another person, you risk following their strength, forgetting about yours. 

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