What is Slack and How You Can Use it for Your Benefit?

For whatever reason you’re reading this, you’re probably wondering what all the hype is about Slack, a messaging program that nearly every workplace group appears to be using. We’ve put up a useful little guide to assist you to navigate those murky seas. You’ll be a Slack expert by the time you finish reading this, and you’ll be pounding on your boss’ door tomorrow morning, begging him or her to join you.

What is Slack?

A chat software on steroids, Slack is what you’d call a Slack alternative. Intended for teams and businesses, it may be utilized on numerous platforms and can be used to talk one-on-one with associates as well as in groups. Files may be shared, you can use other applications and services to connect, and nearly every parameter can be customized down to the ability to design unique emojis.

How Do You Sign Up and Get Started?

If you want to become a Slack administrator, follow these instructions. Enter your email address on the Slack website to sign up for an account. There should be a name for your Slack team (ex Workshop Talk) For example, the Slack team’s URL is (example). Choosing a username that reflects who you are is important. You’ll need to input the email addresses of your coworkers before they can join your Slack team discussion. Go through the short tutorial that appears once you click on it:

Where is Slack Available?

It is highly recommended that you use both the mobile (iOS / Android) and desktop (Mac / Windows) versions of Slack to their full potential. If you don’t, you’ll only be able to use Slack through a web browser.

Did Slack Invite You To Join a Team?

An email will be sent to those of you who were selected to join a Slack team. Once you’ve accepted the email invitation, all you have to do is create a username and password. It can’t be that hard, right?

Does Slack Work With Other Apps?

‘Yes. Slack has a wide variety of apps that you may use. Slack can import data from other platforms, locate documents saved elsewhere, send calendar events and reminders to your team, and even add voice and video conference capabilities. Slack’s App Directory provides a list of apps that may be added to Slack. Open the Team Menu by clicking your team name, then selecting Apps & Custom Integrations from the drop-down menu. In addition, there’s the Slack App Directory. Make sure to keep in mind that Slack is likely to work with any other service you now use. IFTTT, Mailchimp, and New Relic are just some of the services it integrates with. Using the “/giphy [search keyword]” integration, for example, you can drop GIFs into conversations. Only 10 applications and integrations can be added if you are a free Slack member.

What Apps Does Slack Integrate With?

Hundreds of other applications, such as Google Drive, Google Hangouts, Twitter, GitHub, Trello, Dropbox, and Mail Chimp, are compatible with Slack, a tool that facilitates real-time communication and collaboration among teams of employees. There’s a good chance that some of these tools are already in regular use on your team. Slack may become even more useful for your business by connecting to other tools you already use.

DevRev and Slack

The DevSecOps movement has streamlined and connected the software development cycle from coding to deployment but that connection has not been made from the developer (Dev) to the customer (Rev). The developer today works in the dark, relying on sales, customer support, and PMs to interact with customers and relay back information. The disparate tools these parties use means the information is often lost, siloed in tools unavailable to developers, or unrelated to the developers’ day-to-day activity. DevRev wants to empower developers with this information, in the tools they use every day to enable better decision-making. A developer that understands the impact of their work and how it truly affects the customer will be a better developer, focusing on what matters and delivering software that delights.

A product ands its capabilities

Types of Slack Integrations

There is a bewildering variety of connectors available for Slack that can streamline your workflow. These can be grouped together as:

1. Calendar Integration

Connecting your calendar app to Slack will help you keep track of all of your engagements. This well-oiled machine will keep you on track and ahead of schedule all day long. Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar, and Calendar Bot are just a few of the calendar integration tools available.

2. Communication Integration

It’s the combination of voice and chat apps, which makes it easier to communicate via voice chat, video chat, and text.

Communicating with the people that matter the most to your company, whether they are across the room or across the world, is as easy as clicking a button. Zoom, Google+ Hangouts, and Microsoft Teams Calls are all examples of communication integration tools.

3. Productivity Integrations

Need some help maintaining your concentration? It’s a smart idea to incorporate your productivity tools into your Slack workplace if you find yourself in need of some extra time management efficiency.

4. CRM Integrations

You don’t need to leave Slack to take advantage of the newest opportunity. With these CRM plug-ins, access to vital client data is a breeze. You can see DevCRM Integration in action.

5. Storage and Administrative Integrations

Connecting integrations to your Slack workplace may greatly improve your life by removing tedious administrative duties. Apps like Dropbox, Box, and HelloSign are just a few examples.

6. Remote Work Integrations

Doodle Bot Disco and Loom are two apps that may be used in this way.

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