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If you are preparing to work on your application’s interface, Vue may be one of the frameworks you take into account. What are the pros and cons of Vue.js? When is it worth implementing it in your project? We address these questions in our article.In every software development project, the choice of the tech stack is one of the milestones. Even though in the case of outsourcing cooperation, this task is usually your partner’s, it is still worth being conscious of the strengths and weaknesses of particular solutions. This way, you can actively contribute to choosing the appropriate tech stack and make sure that these decisions work in favor of your project.If JavaScript is your default programming language for front-end development, you will face the choice of frameworks to work with. Among others, you can choose React.js, Angular, or Vue.js. Vue may be a strong candidate due to a number of benefits, which we will present in this article. If you are considering integrating Vue.js into your project, below you may find answers to your questions.

What is Vue.js?

Vue.js is a JavaScript framework for developing user interfaces that build on top of HTML, CSS, and JS code. It is used for front-end development purposes for all-scale projects – from very simple to extensive, complex applications. Flexibility is at the core of its design and contributes to its popularity. Vue can serve you for various purposes, from polishing your HTML code in a simplified manner to building single-page applications. 

Benefits of Vue.JS

What does Vue stand out among other frameworks? First of all, it’s declarative rendering – a feature that allows Vue developers to describe HTML output declaratively based on the JavaScript state using the template syntax. Vue uses virtual DOM (Document Object Model) as a representation of an actual DOM. What does it mean in practice?

Without getting into details, that feature saves the developers’ work and worries as they do not have to send commands to each element, the attributes of which depend on various pieces of data whenever this data changes. Instead, the render function takes care of it. The changes of state in JavaScript in Vue are automatically tracked and updated. 

Depending on your needs, you can use one of two available Vue API styles – the Options API and Compositions API. The specifics of these two APIs were extensively described in Vue’s official guide. Here, we can mention another benefit of Vue.JS, which is the documentation. Vue is impressive in that sense, providing users with numerous support materials. At the same time, you can use various frameworks, libraries, and plug-ins designed specifically for Vue to make your life even easier – like Bootstrap Vue, Buefy, or Element Plus.

How to choose your Vue development partner?

As with any framework, Vue is supposed to make developer’s life easier, providing them the structure to work with instead of doing things manually from scratch. Even if your potential development partner has not worked with this framework yet, understanding its basic concepts should not require a lot of time. Vue is known for being easy to learn, so you But yet, of course – if you choose someone with extensive experience in Vue projects, they may know better how to extract all the benefits from the features this framework provides.

Make sure that your potential Vue development team has extensive expertise in JavaScript. Although the most popular in the world, this programming language has a relatively steep learning curve, meaning that it takes a while to master its basics. You probably don’t have resources and time to waste on that process. Thus, when searching for a Vue.js development company, check the potential candidates’ portfolio and verify whether they worked with JS already. 

Another aspect that may matter to you is the agile project methodology. Agile teams deliver work in short sprints which means you can control the effects to a greater extent. At the same time, they are self-organizing and autonomous. Any project can benefit from these features, including those based on Vue!

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