Copping Sneakers Manually vs Using Sneaker Bots

Whether you want to get your hands on the latest and greatest sneaker pair, or you want to cop multiple pairs of limited-edition sneakers and resell them for a profit, you don’t really stand a chance without a sneaker bot. Still, in some situations using a sneaker bot may not be that necessary.

So, here’s everything you need to know about copping sneakers including how and when to use sneaker bots to increase your chances and when to try copping manually.

When to Cop Sneakers Manually and When to Use a Sneaker Bot?

The number of sneakerheads keeps increasing, so as the demand for most limited-edition releases. This makes buying even a single pair of limited editions next to impossible. Not to mention the one-pair-per-customer rule that doesn’t allow you to buy more than one pair and resale it for a profit.

That’s when sneaker bots can come in handy! So, let’s explain what they are and how they work so you can get multiple pairs of the latest releases.

What Are Sneaker Bots and When to Use Them

Sneaker bots are automation software tools that function like any bot, following specific instructions to accomplish a given task or tasks. When it comes to copping sneakers, their job is to automate the add-to-cart and checkout process.

Everything happens so fast because it’s done by a bot and not a human. That’s how bots can help you purchase multiple pairs of sneakers at once while customers copping manually can’t get even a single pair. This is why you need them, especially if want to resell them for profit.

However, copping multiple pairs of limited editions using a single computer won’t be possible without proxies.

What Are Sneaker Proxies?

Retail sites can see your IP address when making a purchase. Since your IP address identifies your computer, once your bot makes a purchase, it won’t be able to make the second no matter how fast it is. That’s how they limit the number of pairs per customer.

But, how do sneaker proxies work? Basically, they give your computer different IP addresses that you can use to make it seem like all your requests are coming from different computers. This way, you’ll be able to cop multiple pairs of limited editions from the same computer.

Although premium or paid proxies provide the highest degree of anonymity, you can also try using free proxies when copping sneakers for yourself and not for resale. Click here for the best provider of free proxies.

When to Cop Sneakers Manually?

Although sneaker bots have the speed and volume advantage that will significantly increase your chances of getting multiple pairs of limited edition, high on-demand sneakers, sometimes you can try copping manually and still get results.

The term limited-edition sneakers means that those sneakers will drop once. In other words, you can’t go and buy a pair whenever you like it. This, however, doesn’t always mean there are just a few pairs available. Sometimes, the number of limited pairs of sneakers is high enough for you to buy them manually.

Certain Nike, Jordans, and Yeezys sneakers release more often than other brands, so if you’ve missed one drop, you can try and catch the following.

Unfortunately, this is not the case with very limited and coveted pairs of sneakers which are the most profitable pairs in the sneaker reselling industry. Since these are a lot harder to cop, you’ll need a good sneaker bot.

You can also try copping sneakers manually if you’re a newbie in the copping world because sneaker bots can be expensive. In that case, you can try cop without a bot for a while and once you get the grips with the whole concept, you can purchase your first sneaker bot.

In Conclusion

Sneaker bots can be expensive but they are totally worth it. In some cases, however, you may want to wait until buying the first one.

In general, copping sneakers with a sneaker bot significantly raises your chances of buying not one but multiple pairs of limited editions. Of course, you’d have to pick a good bot along with reliable sneaker proxies to cop successfully and even resell them for profit.

On the other hand, you can try copping manually if you’re a newbie in this world and you don’t intend to be in the sneaker reselling industry.

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