How To Calculate & Optimize Average Revenue Per User

Getting to know your client is what isolates the failures from the champs in the SaaS world. When you separate an effective business, you will make 99.9% of the opportunity to have a solid understanding of who your clients are and a far superior handle on how much that client finds value in your product.

What is the Average Revenue Per User (ARPU)?

The normal income per client is the measure of income your application creates from every dynamic client. In straightforward terms, ARPU lets you know how much income the normal client is creating throughout a specific time frame. It’s firmly identified with ARPPU, yet at the same, inclining further toward that later.

How to Calculate Average Revenue Per User

Work out ARPU by separating the all-out income by the number of dynamic clients throughout a specific time frame, generally a week or a month. ARPU is most usually determined consistently and is like a month-to-month repeating income (MRR). However, it is a more granular metric estimated at a client level, not the application level.

According to AppsFlyer, ARPU is pretty simple math. You calculate ARPU consistently in an accompanying manner:

ARPU = MRR/Number of Active Users

For instance, assuming you have a $50,000 MRR with 15000 clients, ARPU for the period is $3.33.

What ARPU is considered good?


The benchmark for a functioning client is around $0.04 each month. Think about this number while considering other factors as the norm for ARPU changes relying upon area, industry, and estimating model. Like most KPIs, keep your ARPU following vertical. Lower ARPU implies you want more clients to remain above water.

Descending patterns are alright as long as your general business income is expanding — like on the off chance that clients are updating from month to month to yearly memberships.

Why Track ARPU

Ascertaining and routinely estimating your ARPU assists you with the following month-to-month (or whatever time you pick) execution of your paying clients. You can likewise compare your income against rivals. Following your ARPU empowers you to Identify your best client obtaining channels. You’ll have the option to Understand which adaptation models and plans your clients like and Forecast income development month over month.

How to Improve Your ARPU

As you develop, so will the necessities of your clients. Realize what functionalities enhance their client experience and proposition charges. For instance, assuming loads of clients will pay for a month-to-month membership, push them toward a yearly membership for a lower month-to-month cost. Distinguish where your clients would profit from having extra functionalities and items. Restricting preliminary attempts allows clients to encounter what’s proposed to them if they buy in. By estimating ARPU, you’re furnished with the devices to realize which clients are the most important to your business and which ones aren’t. Over the long haul, you’ll find certain qualities that assist you with foreseeing your clients’ productivity. Utilize those measurements to zero in your assets on the most high-development expected clients to acquire a higher ARPU.

Working out ARPU isn’t excessively complicated. Understanding the part it plays in development showcasing will put a more elevated level of significance on it when you are attempting to assemble and develop your rocket transport (as new companies have ordinarily alluded to). 

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