5 Things To Consider When Managing Business Risk

Risk management is an integral part of any business and the bigger the operation, the more risks a business will likely face. Without risk management in place, which includes identifying risks and having a risk management plan, avoiding risks and their potential outcomes will really be hit and miss.

The good news is that most problems can be avoided with some planning, forethought and by simply being aware of potential problems before they evolve into a major drama.

Let’s look at some things to consider when managing business risk, so you can avoid the pitfalls and move forward into a prosperous future. 

#1 – Involve Everyone In Your Risk Management Strategy

Having a risk management plan and risk management strategies is going to be limited if only one or two people are involved overall. While the business owner or a risk manager might be in charge of risk management, it’s vital that everyone involved in your business plays an active role in risk management on an ongoing basis.

No single person can recognise every single risk or threat the business could possibly face and, the fact that different employees work in different areas of the business means you have eyes and ears everywhere. This enables you to get valuable feedback from everybody the moment they detect something that could potentially cause a problem.

Organise meetings related to risk management, as this will give everyone a chance to offer their insights and input. 

#2 – Prioritise Risks and Threats

Part of having a plan to manage business risk is not only to be aware of possible risks, but to priorities those risks and threats.

For example, one potential risk could result in a major problem for the business if it eventuated, whereas another risk might only have a very minor impact. In this instance, a much higher priority needs to be placed on preventing the major risk than the minor risk.

As you compile all the possible risks that you and your staff members recognize, also add a priority next to each one so you know which issues need to be resolved first.

#3 – Be Aware Of Business Compliance Laws

Some businesses neglect this important part of business altogether, but that’s a major mistake. All UK businesses come under various rules and regulations that govern your industry. Failure to comply with these laws could result in hefty fines for your company or even having your business shut down until it is compliant.

Compliance laws are in place to ensure safe work environments, to protect employees, customers and business owners. It’s in your own best interests to be fully aware of compliance laws and to have everyone in your organization abide by them at all times. 

#4 – Managing the Covid-19 Pandemic In the Workplace

New risks to manage have emerged with the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and all business owners are now faced with new problems and guidelines to maintain a safe environment for workers and customers. You’ll need to incorporate a Covid-19 strategy into your risk management endeavors and plans as well, if you haven’t already. Strategies will depend on the nature of your business.

This may include having some workers doing their jobs remotely from home, for example. If your business relies on having customers walk through the door, you’ll need to implement measures to keep the premises hygienic and safe for those customers, along with remaining compliant with current Covid guidelines.

#5 – Hire a Risk Management Professional

If your business is a decent size, say medium to large, then you may also want to consider hiring a full time risk manager to oversee the entire risk management processes in your operation on a continual basis.

You could even arm your risk manager with dedicated risk management software solutions to assist with this. Risk management software is computer software specifically designed for risk management and helps make the process a lot simpler. The software can help monitor your business and even alert the risk manager to a potential problem before it escalates.

You’ll be able to rest much easier if you hire a risk manager and install specialist software to help manage the risks in your business. 

In Conclusion

If you put some time, thought and energy into effective risk management and involve your entire team, there’s no reason why you and your business won’t be able to avoid most problems, allowing for smoother sailing and increased profitability.

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