5 Tools to Improve Your Clients’ Customer Service Experience

Customer service quality can make or break people’s opinions of your business. If you manage the process effectively, customers will be more likely to return, but if their encounter is sub-par, they probably won’t. One of the best strategies to improve the experience for your clients is to utilize multiple customer service solutions — and use them well. Here are a few tools to consider employing.

Live Chat

Live chat support is not a new customer service strategy, but it continues to be an important one. With chat tools that integrate seamlessly into your existing website, customers never have to leave your site to get the assistance they need. In addition to solving problems for existing clients, live chat also allows you a way to quickly connect with potential ones who might have a simple question or two to move them along on the buyer’s journey, resulting in higher conversion rates and increased sales. Live chat can also prevent simple problems from becoming big ones — a quick solution might help customers troubleshoot effectively before an issue has a chance to inflate. If you don’t have the manpower to offer this service, If you don’t have the manpower to offer this service, it’s easy to outsource to providers such as call centres in the Philippines who can meet customer needs during office hours, after hours, or even 24/7 without breaking your budget.

Business Phone Number

No matter the size of your organization, a dedicated business line (whether a physical line or a cloud business phone system) will help customers connect with you more directly. With Broadvoice’s cloud PBX system, your team can call and collaborate from anywhere. By unifying business phones, video conferencing, texting, and collaboration, you empower your team to provide better customer experiences and seize opportunities effectively. An accessible business number allows for managing complex issues like conversations involving sensitive information or customers who prefer a real-time discussion. Another benefit of this service is that it makes your business feel approachable since talking to a human is just a phone call away.

Help Forum

In addition to a typical FAQ page on your site, you may find it helpful to have a place to collect other common (and not-so-common) customer questions in one place. A help forum can be the perfect place to manage this. Depending on how you format it, this type of forum might allow customers to help answer one another’s questions and/or allow a dedicated specialist to provide solutions. This could save you a lot of time and money, bring pressing issues to light, and also create a resource for future customers by keeping those problem-solving conversations available indefinitely. Finally, a help forum will help customers connect directly with one another, helping to build a sense of community around your brand.

Multichannel Help Desk System

If you have multiple sources that you’re getting help requests from (social media inboxes, email, chat, etc.), you may find it helpful to have a service that funnels them all to one place and organizes them for you. Rather than having to juggle multiple accounts and logins, you can save a lot of time, money, and headache by choosing a tool that efficiently collects these inquiries, automatically converts them to tickets, and streamlines the help process. Not only will this help you communicate with customers more quickly and effectively, but it will also ensure that you never miss a request for help.

Customer Service Training

The most high-tech customer service solutions in the world are useless without effective, educated customer service professionals behind them. If you have customer service roles within your company, don’t neglect proper training. Initial training is usually the norm for new employees, but regular refresher courses or professional developments on relevant topics will keep customer support professionals on top of their game. In addition to training them in a comprehensive knowledge of the technical side of things, improving their fluency in soft skills such as patience and empathy go a long way in increasing the quality of customers’ support experience. Best practices in the field are always morphing and growing, so be sure to keep up with training in order to maintain an effective customer service methodology.

Customer service can be a tricky area to manage, but when you nail it, your customers will be more satisfied and more loyal to your company. By working to be available to clients, communicate with them effectively, and quickly solve their problems, you might just have customers doing business with you for a lifetime.

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