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What Factors to Focus on to Achieve the Best E-commerce Results?

One of the things that business owners need to appreciate about good e-commerce results is that they are time-tested. Principles that include unique content and search features that have been an accepted part of online strategy for the past several years still apply.

Factors to Focus on to Achieve the Best E-commerce Results

  1. Increase E-commerce Search Usability

According to Giles Thomas, 30% of your site’s visitors are likely to use internal search features to find the products or services they need. When visitors can also find your search feature easily when they arrive on your site, such as when the element is placed at the top of the page, they will convert from casual shoppers to buyers more easily.

Many customers are unlikely to dig very deeply to find what they want. Remember this, no matter how well-organized your site is, and make a search tool part of your strategy.

  1. Use High-Quality Photographs and Good Product Descriptions

Quality photos matter when making an impression on your customers; proper lighting and the use of backgrounds and angles will make the right impression on your customers. You might wish to consider using a professional for the best quality.

When writing product descriptions, avoid the temptation to add a lot of flourishes. Two or three sentences written in an appropriate tone to match the rest of your site should do the job. However, be aware of the fact that as your inventory grows it can become hard to keep all product information updated, though using Widen PIM (Product Information Management) software ensures that accurate specs, descriptions, and images reach your customers.

  1. Try Personalizing the Home Page

Personalized home pages show your customers that you are offering something unique, just for them. Marketing Charts estimates that personalized home pages rank right after email campaigns for targeted information.

A personalized page can shape visitor experiences and customize the messaging for visitors. Another advantage of this approach is offering customized Calls To Action, or CTAs.

  1. Focus on Consistent and Unique Content

New content should be added to your site that is consistent with your voice and tone. Everything that you add to your site should flow nicely with the existing content.

One of the most important things to remember about your content is to keep it unique. When your content is unique, customers will show more interest, and you will enjoy higher search engine rankings.

  1. Optimize Shopping Cart Functionality

With customers shopping online numbering in the hundreds of millions, according to the Wall Street Journal, shopping cart functionality is of primary importance. If your cart is missing even one key feature, you will lose a lot of potential sales.

Security, user-friendliness, and multiple payment options are essential for any cart. You will also need to think about the ability to calculate taxes and fees. According to CRO agency, the absence of ApplePay, Google Pay and PayPal can decrease conversion rates by up to 18% .

  1. Build Email Lists

Building email lists for your site is crucial, as many customers still prefer email for important sales notifications. Sometimes, an email can provide a reminder for customers who have not visited your site a second time yet but are still interested.

One of the best things about e-mail lists is that you can customize them easily. A weekly notification of sales products according to past buying history can be a motivator.

  1. Improve Your Social Media Strategy

Having a social media strategy is more than merely adding a status update once or twice a week. Part of having a sound strategy means engaging with current and prospective customers.

Follow up with those who leave comments on your updates. Use information from these user profiles to better understand what future offerings these customers might enjoy.

  1. Create Landing Pages

Landing pages are tied to advertising or marketing campaigns. These are the pages that customers go to when clicking on a search engine or social media search result.

One of the most useful things about these pages is that they provide a way to track results connected with a specific campaign. Knowing where the results came from is always helpful.

  1. Build Advertising Strategies

As with social media, strong advertising needs a strategy. The days of paying to submit to X number of engines are over with today.

Consider the audiences you want to reach. Build up your strategy around meeting these needs.

  1. Implement User-Generated Content

User-generated content is unofficial content such as reviews or social media posts. Although not official, this content can play an essential role in raising awareness of your brand.

These ten strategies can bring your site much better results. The sooner you implement these changes the sooner you can see satisfactory results.

Final Thoughts

We need only look at the tech stack of AirBnB to see how much the right app can accomplish with the right set of features. Even though the app is travel-focused, it uses many of the same principles that apply to e-commerce applications, such as search usability and quality descriptions with photographs.

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