Best JustDubs Alternatives Sites In 2022

While foreign anime viewers clearly favor subbed versions, dubbed anime still has a place in the anime streaming world, and JustDubs is one of the few dedicated dubbed anime streaming services. This website is a great choice for those who prefer dubbed stuff. Many popular series and movies that were previously unavailable on other websites can now be found there. However, there are multiple JustDubs websites with different domains. .org,.net, and. tv is the most well-known. There is no way to know for sure which website is the real JustDubs.com. The previous two websites have been decommissioned. Justdubs. tv is a dependable anime website with a large number of series and a clean UI that works well. Despite this, several episodes on this website are unavailable, and many users are unable to access them due to unclear causes or geo-blocking. In light of these considerations, we’ve compiled a list of seven choices. Check out the next section for further information.

Best JustDubs Alternatives In 2022

1. GogoAnime


GogoAnime has a large following and is well-liked by anime enthusiasts. It’s a well-organized website with a large assortment of everything from cartoon shows to animated movies.

We also provide free access to the most recent Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Taiwanese, and Hong Kong dramas. This site has a lot of English dubbing and subtitles for cartoon series.

Gogoanime is similar to sites like Justdubs, which has a large database and a great set of frequently updated animations.

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2. Animeland


Animeland, along with a number of other Justdubs, is a worthwhile anime site to visit. It features almost 45,000 animations that have been dubbed in HD resolution.

Although there is no user interface or design features on the site, you can download animated series, movies, and even recent dubbed episodes with subtitles.

It’s known as high-resolution English animation, and it’s a unique characteristic that distinguishes Animeland from the rest of the pack, making it a popular pick among anime fans.

3. AnimeHeaven


AnimeHeaven is another free animation streaming site comparable to Justdubs. You can search for your favorite manga, animated series, and current series movies, as well as discover new shows by level, genre, and year.

Great user interface with brilliant colors and structure that is simple to browse. The animated streaming platform is also suited for mobile devices, making it one of the top online animation streaming sites for mobile users.

Anime narrations and films in subtitled versions are also arranged on this site, allowing for a pleasant discussion with the Animeheaven community.

4. Kissanime


Kissanime used to be the most popular anime site and dominated all other sites a few years ago. Where Kissanime provides its service to its subscribers at no cost. They have the steadiness to deliver far better speed and optimization to their users because they work for long days.

Kissanime is a great alternative to the JustDubs website. Kissanime is a website dedicated to anime movies and series. It’s the ideal location to watch cartoon animations and have fun. It also provides high-definition anime flicks to its users.

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5. Crunchyroll


Crunchyroll is one of the top alternatives to JustDubs on the market. On its website, it contains a large library of the most popular anime series, with approximately 15,000 hours and about 25,000 episodes.

Crunchyroll offers its viewers a wide range of new and popular anime programs, all of which are subtitled in English and referred to in a variety of languages. All videos on this website are available in High Definition (HD) and 720p resolution.

To watch this anime series, the user must first register on the website. This is best viewed on Windows, Android, iOS, PlayStation and Chromecast, Xbox and Wii U, Roku Box, and other operating systems. The information on this site can be interpreted in a variety of ways, including in French, Spanish, and other languages.

6. Chia-Anime 


This website has a decent library with both new and vintage titles. There is anime from a few years ago, or even decades ago. You will not have to pay anything to see this site because it is free. This is an old anime industry moniker that was the first to offer Japanese anime compilations as a service. Naruto Shippuden, Bleach, and other notable anime series are among them.

The main purpose is to deliver high-quality content to anime enthusiasts all over the world. They also want to cultivate a thriving and fun anime community. Ninja, Horror, Aliens, Fantasy, Adventure, and many other categories are represented in the collections. They also update the information on a regular basis, so you’ll always have access to ‘fresh’ content.


7. Animeultima


Animeultima is a fantastic free anime streaming site for anime aficionados. When you first visit the site, you’ll notice that it has a straightforward but appealing design. You will have no trouble surfing the site, and you will like the sophisticated and complex graphic user experience. If you’re looking for a JustDubs substitute, this is a good option because the majority of the content is equivalent.

Aside from the appealing user interface, the libraries are quite huge and contain a diverse selection. They are well-organized and controlled; feel free to look around the site and see what options are available. The quality is good, and the streaming speed is swift. The movies are all of excellent quality. What more could you ask for?

8. StreamLord


StreamLord or StreamMaster remain two further options. I just recently obtained those papers. Using a virtual private network (VPN) with the Courageous browser has given me perfect anonymity online and shielded me from annoying, autoplaying music ads. The interface is simple and straightforward, making it very convenient to use. There are several genres but also subcultures from which movies may well be selected. You have a wide variety of films available.

If you’re looking for a particular title but don’t feel like scrolling through the sections, there should be a search option up top. All the information about a movie you could possibly want is only a click away. You have the option of providing feedback on the movies you view. Then read user opinions on episodes and movies, there is no better alternative to fmovies.

JustDubs FAQ:

Is 4Anime Better Then JustDubs?

Despite its new, it may compete with existing markets. Your IT team has utilized 4anime’s critiques to enhance its content gathering and distribution regularity. If you can’t even find an animation on JustDubs, then may never find it. They may keep in contact while viewing films and television.

Is It Leagal To Watch Anime On JustDubs?

Anime was allowed in America. Currently, it’s not illegal to watch just unlicensed animation. Copyrighted content experts argue incarceration and civil punishments are the only penalties for copyright violations and downloads. To prevent issues, visit manga free online.

Is JustDubs Harmful?

You’d heard absolutely nothing about the proposal’s safety. Download protection and a free AdBlock plugin to eliminate dangerous ads. Use a virtual personal network (VPN) to access the internet anonymously.

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