Want To Kick-Start Your Gaming Career? Here’s How You Can Use YouTube Wisely

Can you tackle any opponent in FIFA 20? Can you accomplish any mission in Grand Theft Auto (GTA) V? Are you a gamer so good that others come to you for advice?

If so, there is good news coming your way! You can kickstart your professional gaming career right from your home, and all you need is a YouTube account. You can join the thousands of other gamers who have launched their YouTube channel by creating gaming-based videos that their fans love watching.

Who is a YouTube Gamer?

Simply put, a gamer who has their own YouTube channel to post game-related videos is a YouTube gamer. These videos could cater to a variety of topics: how to play a game, some neat tricks and lesser-known hacks, or sometimes interviews with the game creators as well.

On average, gamers (aged 18-25) globally spend an average of roughly 3 hours 25 minutes each week watching other people provide real-time and recorded commentary while playing video games online, according to

Watching other gamers play creates a sense of community belonging for the viewers, and for the gamers, it is an additional source of income for something they love doing.

Getting paid to play video games on YouTube is a fast-growing trend. If you know how to make a video on youtube, then, with these simple techniques specific to gaming, you can start making money off your channel in no time.

How to Make the Most of YouTube for Gaming

1. Find Your Area and Target Audience

15% of all YouTube content in gaming-related, according to Tubular Insights, which translates to roughly 300 hours of content being uploaded every minute! The first thing to do is find the area you want to specialize in, similar to any other market-entry scenario you may have come across.

Choose a game you are exceptionally good at, look at the existing content related to that game online, and plan what new content you can offer.

The more novel ideas you have and the better your gaming skills, the more subscribers you get. You can also win an audience with your charisma and character: people might tune in not just to watch you play, but also to listen to your humorous anecdotes or something else that is unique.

2. Software and Hardware Assistance

Whether you play on your laptop, Xbox, or PlayStation, you will need some extra software and hardware tools to take the content online. For starters, you need a device to record the screen, and preferably, your face as well.

Set up a proper environment with the right lighting and minimal noise interferences; use an appropriate gaming headset if you plan on giving live commentary.

A high-end camera is not necessary; any camera that films in 1080p is good enough. Always use a screen recorder to capture the game; never point your camera at the screen as it will considerably worsen the quality of the video, not something you want in gaming.

Get yourself a screen recorder for laptop games and a capture card compatible with your console for Xbox or PS.

When you finish recording, you can use a video editor to stitch together the various segments, add an intro and outro, add an audio track, and enhance the video in any other manner you want.

3. YouTube SEO

Once you compile your video, you upload it to your YouTube channel. Now, you have to make sure that people watch your content when they search for the topic on the platform. Like online video marketing, SEO parameters play a role here too.

Choose an apt title and write an accurate description for your video, both of which use the correct keywords. You can use free keyword-search software tools that tell you the trending keywords in that domain, or you can see how other popular gamers have titled their videos.

Another feature that will help boost the views to your video is choosing an appropriate thumbnail: the image that shows up when someone hovers over your video. Although this does not directly affect YouTube’s search algorithm, a catchy image with an intriguing caption might trigger more viewers to click the link.

4. Promotion

When you start your channel, you are going to need significant help in promoting the content to draw people’s attention. Make use of Instagram and Facebook to share your content there.

You can join gaming groups and communities on these platforms, where there is bound to be an encouragement for upcoming YouTube gamers.

Once you get a decent fanbase, you must make it a habit to post consistently to keep your followers engaged. Another advantage of having a social media account is that you can post all non-video content there that you want people to see.

If YouTube (temporarily) suspends your channel – for whatever reason – you can always inform your fans via social media about the situation.

5. How You Make Money

Here is the best part: once you follow these steps and establish your YouTube channel, your goal is to get a thousand subscribers. You then become eligible to join the YouTube Partner Program, which allows you to post ads on your videos, thereby giving your source of income. From this point, the more ads you post, the more you get; there is no limit!

So, after all your hard work in putting together the video, getting new subscribers and maintaining their following is necessary. Having a large number of subscribers also makes your channel more authoritative, which, in turn, will bring more viewers.

While it is best to generate organic views through social media and other sources, you can choose to buy YouTube views in the initial stages to give yourself a boost.

Game and Fame

If you love gaming, making money off a YouTube channel is a dream come true. You get numerous fans, earn a sufficient income, establish an online persona, and, importantly, play to your heart’s content.

But, to stand apart from the thousands of other online gamers, you need to be a top-notch gamer and have the best gaming channel out there. With these tips, you can make sure you are all set as far as the channel is concerned.

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