Dedicated Server vs. VPS: What Type of Hosting is Right for Me?

VPS or Virtual Private Server is a kind of hosting which has become popular over the years as one of the best hosting services to choose for a website. It works with virtualization technology to offer you private hosting resources on a server that allows multiple users to operate their websites.

VPS is a stable and secure solution as compared to shared hosting where you don’t have access to dedicated server space. But, you will get it cheaper and on a smaller scale than having an entire server. Mostly, website owners having medium-level traffic exceeding the limit of shared hosting services buy VPS hosting. So, if you have a medium-level traffic website but do not need a dedicated server, you can always choose Cheap Dedicated Servers

In this blog, we have discussed the types of VPS and the ways to choose the right VPS hosting for your websites.

Types of VPS hosting

Open VZ VPS Hosting

Open VZ is the type of VPS hosting with an open-source form of Virtuozzo, the acclaimed virtualization programming of SWsoft. Open VZ renders individualized record frameworks and offers easy access to full root and dependable execution to VPS executives.

Here’s why you should go for this type of VPS hosting:

  • It provides the most amazing VPS execution
  • It comes with lesser cost for cPanel/WHM as compared to other types of VPS hosting
  • It includes complete Linux working framework application and layouts as supplement

Xen VPS Hosting

Xen VPS hosting provides personalization and control that you won’t find in various other frameworks. Reasons why you should opt for Xen include:

  • Loadable bit modules
  • Switching locations
  • Access to remote consoling
  • Complete control of all the modules of the tables.

Windows VPS hosting

Windows VPS Hosting is a strong administration with 100% Undertaking Class Framework for your business. It saves your website from losing information and guarantees improved plate I/O. Windows VPS hosting offers discretionary server reinforcements that also helps planning for a calamity recovery. You also get everyday support with the All VPS Designs that are accessible through its Essential Oversaw Administration Level. Cheap Windows VPS allows you to browse from different areas depending on your choice.

Cloud VPS Hosting

Cloud VPS hosting is a popular type of VPS hosting that facilitates all your virtual servers on the cloud. Cloud VPS is not similar as customary hosting, but works as a practical strategy for a site. You get to choose the required administrations and only pay for those. As compared to standard hosting services, cloud VPS hoisting is unique and budget-friendly. The best part is you just need to pay for what you use. It allows you to switch your prerequisites any time you want to get your activity requests done. You can increase or decrease the resources with respect to your business development

Managed VPS Hosting     

Managed VPS Hosting is another significant type of VPS that balances everything with zero obligations and allows the user has complete control of the VPS, along with full root access. IT professionals work on these managed VPS hosting platforms to allow the users have the server run perfectly. You can handle and control it completely like you get to do with a cheap dedicated server. For any complex and tedious server administration, you can always seek help from your VPS hosting supplier.

Multi-VPS Linux Hosting

Multi-VPS Linux Hosting is a type of virtual server or virtual individual server works no less than a dedicated server for a client. It is a VPS hosting situation where a physical machine is divided into individual servers, of which each serves different sites.

  • You get to create and erase servers depending on the Customer Zone
  • Create servers as per your requirements as many time as you want
  • Scale the server resources up or down as per your needs.

Multi-VPS Windows Hosting

It is another VPS hosting type with improved IIS 7.5 web servers running on Windows shared servers. It is faster than many facilitating arrangements available. It offers better stability and conveyance of the server and cheap Windows VPS

Selecting the ideal VPS hosting for your website/s

If you are looking forward to buying a VPS hosting for your business website/websites, here are some crucial factors to consider for the right VPS hosting service:

Managed Vs. Unmanaged: If you have an IT expert to take over the management of the VPS server, you can have an unmanaged. However, if not, it is always better to consider going for the managed VPS hosting that includes server handling in the package.

Environment: You have two options to choose from when it comes to the environment of your VPS – Linux and Windows. Both are different and useful in their own ways. You need to pick one while buying VPS hosting.

Scalability and redundancy: Do you have any idea how your server backs up data? It is essential to have a hosting plan that comes with a failover plan to promise data back up outside a single server. In case your website bandwidth needs to be change if you wish to scale it up, you should have a hosting plan that allows you to do so.

Customer assistance: Make sure to choose a VPS hosting provider that provides 24X7 customer assistance. This helps you solve any unexpected issues in your server immediately.

Conventional or Cloud-based: This is another criterion to consider when buying a VPS hosting. DO you want to host your data on conventional servers of cloud servers? Cloud servers are more scalable and flexible as compared to conventional servers. The choice is yours.

Price:  VPS hosting is cheaper as compared to other types of hosting platforms and offers storage space and RAM, along with good data transfer speed, IP addresses, etc. From the various VPS hosting providers, you can compare and decide to choose one that provides the cheapest package including maximum features and facilities. It comes with a monthly fee for the entire package. It is better than a budget dedicated server.

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