Apps to Help You Improve Your Vocabulary

Our vocabulary plays such a crucial role in our lives. It helps us to express our feelings and thoughts with higher precision. It helps us to be understood better. It also can show our intelligence. Whether you have a 5-minutes small talk with a stranger or have a professional discussion with colleagues, good vocabulary will earn you their respect more than anything else you do. Of course, vocabulary is not something we are born with. It is the product of our constant work. We can read books, watch lectures, attend a theater, or engage in debates. All of that increases our chances of improving our vocabulary. But what if you don’t have time or opportunity for such a long process of rather slow progress? Well, as usual, our modern technologies come for help. The app market is full of products that can help you improve your vocabulary. Let’s see what they are.

This service is available to you on any platform. You can open it on a laptop for home learning or get an app for practice on the go. Overall, the app is among the leading programs on vocabulary improvement. It has a very minimalistic simple design, a nice interface, and a limited number of features. Thus, it keeps its focus on the core purpose of the app – word learning. You can open your lists with the words you are learning to repeat what you have met in the app. Or, you can start new learning. That’s pretty much it. Learning is mainly conducted in quizzes, where you memorize the meaning of the new words. What more do you need here, really?

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Those who want to go to even more simple learning can try Quizlet. Of course, it is more old-school, so many young people may not get the point there. Nevertheless, the app is worth considering. It also has an inviting minimalistic design where nothing distracts you from the process. It is a standard flashcards method of learning, which has been working for generations. So why not give it a try this time? 

Vocabulary Builder

This app is a little bit more complex than the previous one. It already has prepared vocabulary lists, so you can pick the words to learn by the categories that are of your interests. It is pretty convenient for those who want to improve their vocabulary for specific jobs, events, or areas of life. The app is also great for English students who need to pass a test. There are even lists specifically crafted for exams like TOEFL, SAT, and others. So, next time you’d think, “I need to hire someone to do my homework,” you can use this app instead. It will do the work just fine. 


This app is way more fun than the majority of similar products on the market. It basically works as a word game. You are learning new words by doing multiple quizzes. The app will put a few different meanings, with only one of them being right, and you will have to pick it. Find a match in a few games, and the word will be considered as remembered. What’s more, you can even compete with other users or find words on the clock, setting new records as you progress. 

Kindle Vocabulary Builder

Kindle users may be up for an unexpected pleasant surprise. If you are receiving most of your study materials on Kindle and often struggle to understand the meaning of the words, Kindle can help you! It has a special function that can explain the definition of the word. Though it’s not everything. You can also create a dictionary in Kindle with all the words you want to learn. Us it to build your vocabulary and get better at your studies. Of course, if you are reading Kindle for recreational reading, it can serve you as well. What else can explain the weird names of fashion items of the last century or those marine terms they loved to use in the novels? Once you have read and memorized the definition, you can mark it as “mastered” and move on to your next ones.

To sum up

As you can see, the Internet is full of great vocabulary helpers. Our advice will be to download at least a few programs and test them out. See their interface, whether it is easy and pleasant to use. Compare their price policies. Explore their special functions. You need to enjoy the app to open it frequently. If you are not enjoying using it, you won’t enjoy the practice, and you should avoid that. Also, don’t forget to use what you have learned in practice. This is the key element in any training. Practice makes it perfect. Stay safe and healthy! Good luck!

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