How to Start and Run a Forum Website?

When you create your own web forum, you hope it will be successful. This means that your site should remain on the Internet for many years and be popular at the same time. For the site to work flawlessly and load quickly, you need a high-quality hosting provider. Also, a simple and memorable domain name will definitely not hurt you.

If you’ve thought about this topic, you’ve probably compared NameCheap vs Bluehost. Both providers are large and well known. But to create a forum, it is not enough just to choose a reliable provider. For example, NameCheap pleases customers with lower prices and more management tools. Bluehost provides more server space and more security.

Looking for the best free forum hosting? This can also be found. But the functionality, of course, will be inferior to the paid tariff plans.

Starting A Forum

In this article, we will look at how to create a forum (community, club) and make a personal blog from scratch without knowledge of web programming. The point of this article is to show and talk about options for creating a site with little or no knowledge in this area.

We really hope that we will be able to convey information in an accessible way, and it will be understandable for both beginners and people with some knowledge.

How To Create A Forum Website From Scratch?

Let’s highlight some points with which you need to decide before we create a website.

We recommend that you immediately decide on the following points:

  • Determine the budget that you can spend initially. This will help when choosing a hosting and choosing options for implementing a site.
  • Think over the name of the site and check the availability of the domain. If it’s available, then buy it. Some hosting providers offer free domain names as a gift when purchasing expensive unlimited service packages.
  • Choose to host for your site. There will be stored your website on the Internet.

Creating a forum, portal, community, club (step by step instructions)

In this block, we will consider how to independently create a forum or portal, community. We will deal with ready-made CMS portals and forums. You can create a forum, community or club. This can be done for free or on commercial CMS.

The forum can be a separate project on a separate domain, or it can be in addition to the site on a subdomain and in the internal folder of the site. Free forum creation solutions have limited functionality. But they are simple and intuitive. You only need to download the engine and install it on the hosting.

Implementation Solution For Popular Cms

You can consider the options for forums for your CMS, but for me personally, it is much more convenient to use a ready-made separate engine for a forum. Of course, it’s your business, so choose what will be easier and better for you.

  • WordPress;
  • Joomla;
  • Drupal;
  • OpenCart.


In fact, it doesn’t really matter which CMS you create the forum on. It is important to choose a good provider and a data plan commensurate with your organic traffic. You should also keep an eye on the page loading speed. If the forum becomes popular, you will need high bandwidth. Many CMSs have built-in advertising and trading tools by default. If you have a business project, be sure to use these features.

Popular blogs tend to grow rapidly. Therefore, pay special attention to the choice of CMS. You will need to create a user-friendly site structure so people don’t wander around looking for the information they need. You will also need mechanisms to quickly cross-reference.

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