Are You Making These 3 Mistakes with Your Investor Relations Website?

Whether your company is just starting its trek towards an initial public offering (IPO),or you’ve been on Wall Street for years, a strong investor relations website is crucial to your continued success.

For many of your current and future shareholders, your website is the single most important source of information about your brand and finances. You could lose out on enormous funding opportunities over seemingly small mistakes when sharing this info — from using language that falls flat to failing to provide relevant on-demand insights. 

Below, you’ll find the three biggest mistakes you can make with your investor relations website, plus how you can fix them. 

Mistake #1: You Don’t Share Your Story Effectively

Your IR website shines a spotlight on your investment case, giving visitors a chance to understand what makes you an exciting opportunity

Anything that distracts from your performance can stand in the way of success, including a bad copy that doesn’t convert. Something as subtle as passive, wordy, or just plain boring storytelling could be holding you back. 

In today’s volatile market, you need to do whatever it takes to stand out from the competition. This includes building a website that underscores your proposition value in an engaging, informative, and convincing way. 

An investor relations website that drives results doesn’t overlook the power of your brand’s personality when highlighting your investment case. It helps you communicate your potential in a way that grabs people’s attention and builds confidence. 

Mistake #2: You Overlook Good Design 

A website that’s just functional is already ten steps behind the competition. In order for your IR website to stand out, it has to look good, too. The most successful IR website leverages attractive, creative web design to underscore your unique brand. 

Beautiful, accessible web design makes it easier for shareholders and prospective investors to scroll and click through your pages — whether they’re browsing on desktop or mobile. Your branding should provide a consistent experience even if your visitors switch back and forth before making an investment decision. 

Mistake #3: You Fail to Localize

A growing number of investors are looking at foreign companies to minimize their investment risk. Failure to cater to these international investors can be a big problem. 

Without providing relevant information on your IR website, you’re making it impossible for international investors to make value assessments. The only thing this lack of information is telling them is that you don’t care about their investments. 

This on its own is a glaring mistake, but it could also get you into financial hot water. Your status as an initial public offering or a publicly-traded company relies on sharing the right financial filings at the right time. 

Localizing this information not only ensures you’re meeting compliance, but it also ensures you’re presenting this information in an engaging way for all investors, regardless of where they call home.

Are You Guilty of Any of These Mistakes?

Don’t worry if your IR website is a little stale. There’s still time to repair these issues without breaking stride. All you have to do is find an investor relations service provider that understands how to curate a digital experience worthy of your story. Together, you can rehab your IR website and start seeing results. 

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