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How Social Media Can Generate More Leads For Your Business

A social media lead is anyone willing to share their details with your brand to allow a further sale. These details could be anything from a name, behavior trigger, email address, social media username, and much more. 

While more social media marketing boils down to gathering and nurturing the right leads, many newer brands are unaware of some essential traits. 

Here are a few practices that can help your business create better quality and quantity of leads using social media:  

Narrow Down an Effective Lead Magnet

A lead magnet is an incentive provided to the users in return for their content information. One might notice many websites that demand a log-in or email ID in return for a free resource. In such a case, this resource becomes the lead magnet. 

Social media is an excellent way to promote your lead magnets. This convenience comes from interest and demographic-based targeting. It allows marketers to push these lead-magnets to the exact target audience and achieve better results. 

These resources are of many kinds; for example, free access to the tool, a trial membership, etc. They are free resources such as e-books, case studies, webinars, goodies, discount codes, and much more. 

The intent is to make the lead magnet attractive enough to ensure the end-user clicks the link. 

Promote Use-Lead Offers 

One of the most significant advantages of social media marketing is a user-led or data-led approach. Marketers can create particular offers and discounts based on user behavior; and not just interest and demographic. 

This means the content used for promotions and advertising is derived based on data points. For example, running an ad that proved a significant discount; only when led by clicking on the ad’s link. Such offers also create a sense of urgency. 

Another aspect to focus on is re-targeted ads. For example, a user clicked on your ads, browsed your content or store, and later exited the page. This data opened up an opportunity to re-target users with ads and bring them back on the page. 

One can also retarget users who read blogs, follow a newsletter, abandon a cart, etc. All of these user-behavior data is one of the most effective ways to enhance lead generation from social media.

Use Testimonials as Proof 

The words of your consumers are one of the best ways to instigate actions towards your brand. A consumer tends to believe the testimonials of other users more than sales-driven advertisements. 

This content highlights how the client benefits from the products with real-life stories and examples. This trick works as both positive word-of-mouth and a demonstration of your products/services. 

Another way is to feature videos of the actual consumer talking into a camera and explaining or promoting the products. One can also convert other online testimonials in written formats into animations and motion graphics to promote them on social media. 

An online tool like InVideo can make it very easy for your brand to make these videos faster. They have pre-made templates and tools that allow you to produce professional-looking videos, even without video-editing experience. 

Ensure you end all of these testimonials with an appropriate call to action. This should further encourage the user to consume the content and browse or buy them. 

A/B Test for Effective Targeting 

The only way to ensure all campaigns provide results is with effective A/B testing. By creating a hypothesis and then testing it, the marketers can determine what ads are working and which are losing the brand money. 

Social media is a game of trials and errors. What might work for one company would not necessarily work for them all. This change is the reason that every permutation and combination needs testing. 

Use Influencers Effectively

Influencers, when used accurately, can provide incredible results for a brand. These influencers can use storytelling and create a deeper connection with the audience since they are a person and not a brand. 

However, you can only gain the best leads when you put your money on the right influencer. Merely looking at numbers will not help you; the person should perfectly fit your target audience. 

When considering an influencer, you can look for a few sets of qualities to help you decide. Crosscheck on overlapping demography, age group, location of the influencer, language, and tone. 

One must also understand if the influencer complements that voice of the brand and share an interest or intent to promote the service or product. Social media influencers are a boon when done correctly, but chaos when poorly matched. 

Promote Referral Marketing 

A referral marketing campaign is very efficient to help push leads and almost double your sales. This approach is a marketing technique where a customer receives incentives for referring your product or service to another person. 

This practice is widespread with SaaS products. For example, a brand might offer consumers an extension on their free trial if they refer the product to more people. Most applications use referral codes to push this approach further. 

Fully Optimize Your Profiles 

Lastly, one of the most straightforward ways to better your leads on social media is to make it easier for users to reach you. Ensure your profiles remain fully optimized and every detail is filled on the page. An active and updated profile also helps build trust in the users. 

Secondly, details like content information and person of contact can help genuinely convert the lead and make it easier for the end-user to contact you. Have all details like phone numbers, support emails, and links to the website. 

Use the auto-reply features on social media platforms to make it easier for the consumers. If you want to direct the user to an email newsletter or an application, use words like “Sign-up” or “Book now” to clarify. 

A call to action will make all the difference. The lead will reach you; if they know how to make it. 

In Closing, 

The perfect social media lead generations occur with a balance of content, optimization, and analytics. A shortcoming on any of these fronts can lead to massive cash-burns with mediocre results.  

Take your time to build a strategy and follow those that work for your brand. 

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