What Is A Mobile Application [Guide]

It is a program designed for use on smartphones and tablets. Mobile device owners can download it from the store or from the developer’s website. The app is tested before being posted on the official Google Play or App Store, so this download option is considered safe.

The first applications began to be developed to integrate email and mobile devices. However, they soon began to capture more and more new areas:

  • the Internet;
  • communication on social networks;
  • editing text and images;
  • games, music and videos.

It is important to emphasize that applications are standalone programs of app ui design. Each of them is developed for a specific platform: iOS, Android or Windows Phone. Different specialists can develop on different engines.

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What An App Interface Consists Of

The program architecture consists of 2 main components: front-end and back-end. The user interacts with the client-side of the interface (frontend), the developer interacts with the server-side (backend). The front-end is on the smartphone, the back-end is on the server.

The apps include an admin panel that is needed to upload content and manage customer accounts. Sometimes, during development, the ability to work for different types of users is laid, for example, a taxi service will need two interfaces – for the customer and the contractor.

Modern applications interact with hardware components. For example, racing car games use the power of the gyroscope to make the car turn as the phone moves. Developers can also use external devices such as Bluetooth printers. Or third party services.

A promising direction is the use of augmented reality. IKEA advertising company comes to mind. The Swedish manufacturer has created an app to showcase a 3D furniture model. It allows you to evaluate how an armchair or table looks in the interior of a home, a smartphone owner.

Mobile App Creation Process

You must know in advance what functionality the interface app will have. Before developing a mobile application, you need to answer the questions about why the program is being developed and what tasks it will solve. It is important to remember to evaluate the future of the application from the client’s point of view.

For now, let’s skip the business goals of mobile user interface design. The main thing is to decide what benefit the user will receive by downloading the program to a smartphone and what tasks need to be performed. High-quality app interface is important.

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Create An Application Yourself. We Apply Ready-made Solutions

If the business is young or the company is not sure about the advisability of investing in programs for iOS and Android, you can try to create a mobile application yourself.

Get help from online builders. As in the situation with sites created on open source platforms, you can make a template mobile program yourself.

To create an application, you need to know the basics of the structure of mobile programs. Knowledge of anatomy will help you choose the right website builder. First of all, it is worth clarifying two things:

Does the designer provide hosting for the application;

is it possible to manage the application, as well as posting in popular stores, for example, Google Play and App Store?

On the Internet, there are designers sharpened for different purposes. It’s easy to learn how to use them and how to design a mobile app.

If you create a mobile application in this way on your own, of course, it will not compare with full-fledged development. This applies not only to appearance. When using a template, you will not be able to add advanced features.

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Companies from various industries need mobile applications: online stores, banks, and information resources. They help to be in constant communication with the client and if used correctly, increase profits.

If you want to know how to design your own app, you can go two ways: order from a developer company or use a designer.

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