How To Combine Design and Craftsmanship on a Tight Budget

Being creative is a talent everyone dreams of having, as it can open up a world of opportunities for people to start a private business. In many cases, creative minds will use their talents while working for companies even though their skillset can make them business owners. 

If you have a talent for design and marketing, you should start a small business that will create your idea from blueprint to final product and monetize it. 

Combining design and craftsmanship allows you to invest in a business that will design, produce, advertise, and sell products, maximizing profits with every step. One of the best business ideas is starting a shop for designing and creating decorative material and marketing props.

While you might think investing in such a business requires substantial funds, here are a couple of tips for starting a business from scratch while on a tight budget.

Used Basic Tools

To jump-start a company like this, you would have to invest in basic production tools to start creating your designs. Proper machinery can be quite expensive, but you don’t have to start by buying brand new equipment. 

According to experts at Machinery Network, a reputable machinery shop, a well-maintained machine such as a used CNC machine is as good as any brand new one. A new CNC machine can cost you a fortune, but you can do the same amount of high-quality work with a used one previously checked by the experts.

While saving money on buying used machinery, you can redirect your funds into equipping your office with modern computers and software suited for design. Saving on used machinery and investing in the latest CAD programs with a license is a smart move for a beginner.

You can’t utilize some used tools and software, and you would have to buy new and straight off the shelf. Therefore, anything that you can re-use will help you save money.

3D Printing

3D printing is popular nowadays, as it allows you to create simple objects in the coolest way possible. To start a company that will design and create decorative and marketing material, you need to buy a 3D printer for those truly unique and recognizable designs. 

While allowing you to create materials on the spot, 3D printing allows you to customize objects and give your clients options. For example, if your client wants his brand name embedded in the design, a 3D printer will make it a reality.

With simple design edits, you can customize each object to meet your client’s standards. While these printers are not as expensive as before, you can also get a used one at the beginning until you feel like it’s time to upgrade to a new and better one. 

If you want your company to create unique and master craftsmanship objects, a 3D printer will give your design team more options while in pre-production. 

Bank Loans

If you have a well-established plan and think your new business can become successful, you can always address banks and investment funds to help you realize it. However, it’s not as simple as it seems.

Banks or any other investment company will make you go through a set of interviews where you would need to elaborate your business plan. That means you would need to approach them only if you’re on top of your game.

Get ready by making a presentation that includes all your ideas and business model, to describe how you plan to run a profitable business. If you fail to present a plan that sounds reasonable enough to investors, your chances of getting a loan reduce instantly.

Don’t let failure discourage you from preparing yourself for a presentation of your lifetime, and start putting your ideas on paper. If you can project how your business model will make profits while starting with a minimal budget, investors might accept your request for a loan.


While your newly established business will help other companies brand themselves, you should brand yourself. Branding is an important part of any business, and you should invest your funds into making a name for yourself.

If you want to focus on preserving your investment budget, you can avoid hiring outsourced companies for branding. Instead, you can sit down with your design team and do the creative part by yourself. 

Branding will help you advertise your company on social networks and other advertisement platforms and make you recognizable to your potential clients.

A group of creative people can figure out the best way for branding to avoid expenses. Why pay someone when you already have individuals in your team suited for the task?


Starting a business from scratch might be an expensive project. However, if you use ways such as these, you might save some money on the way.

Combining craftsmanship and creativity is an excellent way to start a business, and you shouldn’t let the opportunity pass you if you have all the requirements to run one.

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