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Do You Need a Link Building Service?

If you are thinking of expanding on your current marketing strategies for SEO campaigns, a link building service may be a worthwhile consideration. This is a service that you would employ or contract out to help you build your link building campaign for your websites and products.

Link building is a critical component of SEO strategies, and helps you to get your page to the top of the search engine results page (SERP). Hiring a service could help. Some experts say that 51 percent of marketers will begin to see success within one to three months of link building. We know that link building is one of the top two criterion Google looks at when pushing websites up the SERPs.

Do you need a link building service? Learn more about how it can help right here.

How Does Link Building Work?

Link building works by connecting your link to authority websites. They take your link and include it on their website. It’s kind of like getting a nod or a like on social media, but a little more advanced by offering your website a tangible root online.

When Google spiders crawl, they look for these links that are called backlinks. Your website links back to someone, and theirs links back to you. The more you have, the better. That is because Google thinks this is a quality website that gets attention from other websites, and is something that people want to read, look at, or purchase from.

The formula is simple. The more you have, the higher you will rank, the more traffic you will get. The more conversions you will get.

You get good link building and good backlinks by having good content. This is a long-term strategy for success, which is why content and backlinks are the number one and two things Google looks for. Google wants good content.
that is Google’s job. Google rewards good content. All search engines function the same way.

Types of Backlinks

When you are link building, or working with a link building service, you can have a few different kinds of links.

Contextual links are links that have a high value because they will be the most likely to be clicked when you put them on a page. They will have a significant impact on your overall SEO strategies. When you make them stand out, and are appealing to readers, they get clicked on. Google wants your links to have a context.

The search engines don’t want your readers staying there, they want them all over the Internet. You might, but giving your readers a little context helps in your rankings. Give them something to be interested in, define a principle you just discussed, direct them to the source of a statistic, you get the picture. Authority breeds authority online.

Topical link building can help as well. These are from websites or pages that are much like your content. Here you are saying, “we are interesting, and here is more interesting information just like this”.  Yes, you are establishing yourself as an authority. However, you are also telling your readers and customers that you use expert reliable information to tell them what you are telling them.

Invest in a Link Building Service

When you invest in a link building service, these ideas will come naturally to them. They will know what kind of links to build for you, and how to get that done. These are just a few ideas to get your inspiration flowing on what to do next with your marketing plan. Create content that is excellent, and outsource the link building to an expert. You’ll see results sooner than you think.

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