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Everything About PPC Advertising for Lawyers

Pay-per-click marketing refers to an online advertisement that involves ads that appear before the organic search. The company will pay the host platform when a client clicks on an ad. The ads are meant to market the company when a person undertakes an online search for a specific company. The use of specific keywords will prompt the ad to appear before the other results are shown on the first page. Law firms have created websites that allow clients to seek the services of lawyers. The referral program has not been sufficient in getting clients to a specific law firm. That is why most law firms have invested in websites where clients can seek assistance on any legal issue through an online platform. The availability of mobile phones with access to a stable internet connection has made more people become glued to their phones most of the time. It is estimated that eighty-three percent of the world’s population uses smartphones to browse through the internet. With this in mind, digital marketing for law firms has increased exponentially. Here is how law firms can undertake PPC advertising;

Website Design

The website design determines the time taken by a client to seek the services of a particular law firm. If the website is poorly designed, potential clients will skim through the website and search for another user-friendly site. Law firms should first invest in web design service before undertaking any PPC advertising. The website design should make it easier for clients to go through the various pages and contact the support team for any questions regarding the lawyers. The site should load faster and have useful information regarding the law firm’s type of lawyers and services. With the right investment in website design, most people will click on the ads and access the website of a particular law firm.

Keyword Research

PPC campaign for lawyers involves using the right keywords in the headline and content. The ad copy will rank based on the quality score provided by various search engines. Your marketing team can bid on keywords relevant to what people search; the ad will appear each time a person has created a search using those specific keywords. This determines where your ad will appear every time a search is done by bidding on long-tail keywords and using dynamic keyword insertion. The effect will translate into more clients seeking legal assistance from a particular law firm. The marketing team can utilize various tools such as keyword planners or Ahrefs. Be sure to study negative keywords for lawyers in a PPC campaign.

Optimize Your Website To Mobile Devices

When undertaking any PPC campaign, the law firm should consider optimizing the website to mobile devices. Most people access the internet in search of specific products, services, news, and research using smartphones as opposed to personal computers and tablets. It is not only optimizing the website but also investing in mobile PPC advertising campaigns. The PPC mobile advertising campaign will increase the number of visitors and client calls that the law firm receives each day. The mobile optimization and PPC advertising campaign should be included in the digital marketing strategy by law firm marketing agency.


The PPC campaign should be targeted to a specific geographical location. Most law firms operate within a specific jurisdiction. When spending on any legal PPC ad campaign, the ad should appear to potential clients within the law firm’s region. The internet marketing agency can help you set up a campaign focusing on a particular geographical area. You don’t want to use your money on an ad that appears to individuals not residing in the area where the law firm operates. Geographical parameters should be included whenever a law firm wants to set up an ad campaign for potential clients.

Invest In Ad Extensions

Law firms need to increase the click-through rate by visitors on a particular PPC ad. A client may have searched through a particular law firm, and they need quick access to lawyers in that firm. When ad extensions are used, potential clients have easier access to specific parts of the website, including call buttons, location, and articles. Ad extensions have proven to be effective since a client may need legal assistance within the shortest time.

Final Words

Digital marketing plays a crucial role for any law firm to acquire clients. With the right campaign and proper budgeting, a law firm can increase its projection and cases handled each year. The PPC campaign can be monitored through various metrics included in analytics. You can test and identify areas of digital marketing that you need to improve so that your firm becomes reputable and accessible to potential clients. The marketing team can go through the best law firm web designs and select the most suitable design to implement when setting up an online platform. With the right design and digital marketing strategies, the law firm will achieve great leaps in handling cases brought forward by potential clients.

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