8 Emojis For Women And Their Different Interpretations

There are some emojis just for women with different color or skin tone variants. If you’re a woman who likes to express herself through social media and messaging a different way, then here are some woman emojis you can use and the meanings behind them:

Woman Facepalming Emoji

This woman’s face palm emoji is used for so many reasons, but mostly negative ones. It could mean that the woman is so disappointed in you that she has to give you this “sigh of disbelief” or the facepalming expression. It could be referred to as a person or herself or an event.

If you see someone so clumsy, then maybe this emoji is the perfect one you can send to him or her. This facepalming emoji has other color variants and a few other gender choices. It all depends on which one you want to choose.

Woman Bowing Emoji

For most users of the woman bowing emoji, it is more for positive reasons. The woman bowing emoji can have so many interpretations and is commonly seen and done by women in some Asian countries, especially Japan. In the Japanese term, the bowing tradition is translated to “dogeza.”

This gesture has been a part of their cultures and traditions. Aside from that, some people greet others by bowing. This gesture has been considered as being polite. Another use of this gesture is when someone has done you wrong, and they wish to apologize to you, so they bow their heads down to you.

For Muslims, they have a tradition where they kneel and bow down during their prayers. Apart from that, bowing can be found in events that do not concern traditions and cultures. Some people bow before and after a presentation to signify a beginning and the end of their report.

Woman Gesturing No Emoji

Have you ever thought of a way to decline, disagree, or just the word “no” to someone or something without having to say a single word? There are gestures you can make so that the other person can understand what you are trying to say.

If a nod is not enough to understand, then this “no” gesture might be enough for them to get the point. This woman gesturing no emoji is limited to the “woman” gender variant and the “man gesturing no” emoji. If you wish to change the color of this emoji, there are also other choices.

Woman Shrugging Emoji

When you shrug, there can be different meanings behind it. It can be both in a polite sense or in a standard way. It all depends on how you use this gesture and emoji, so you always have to be careful to prevent misunderstandings.

For the neutral or polite ways, you can use this emoji to say that you are unsure how to answer the person’s question or that you don’t have an idea at all. For the contrary reason, people use this emoji to be mean or rude to someone. It will give you an impression of being snobbish.

It is just another way to say that you do not care or say “whatever” to someone. This emoji has other color variants to choose, and the man shrugging emoji variant if that’s what you prefer.

Woman Getting Haircut Emoji

Another emoji that is part of the people category is this woman getting haircut emoji. This emoji portrays a woman who has long and luscious hair, is getting a haircut. This emoji has a literal meaning and is easy to interpret. There is no other meaning behind this that is not related to getting a haircut.

Woman Emoji

If you want to use a woman emoji that is not doing anything like the one mentioned above, then this woman emoji is perfect for you. It can have no meaning behind it, or it can be interpreted as you referring to yourself or someone you know like a real woman.

Woman with Headscarf

Some women have cultures or traditions wherein they do not show their hair, like the Muslim women. If you are looking for an emoji to represent yourself specifically with a headscarf, then this emoji is the best you can use! This emoji is not limited to one skin tone, so you will be able to change them.

Breast-Feeding Emoji

There is a perfect emoji for women or mothers who just had their baby! You may even use this to represent yourself as a mother, and you don’t have to be breastfeeding a child to use this emoji.


Emoji has made it accessible to everyone in all genders and nationalities. They make sure that it will not only be limited to one specific color and gender. Besides that, they even included things and objects you can use to enhance your posts or messages.

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