How to Create the Perfect Username for YouTube

Your YouTube username is the official name for your channel on the platform. There are several types of names, including names that describe what your channel is about or your own first and last name. The name of your channel appears in search results, on your page, and on your YouTube videos. 

Your name should represent your brand accurately because it’s a core component of how people will perceive and grasp it. 

YouTube Username Categories

There are four name types of usernames: name (Ed Sheeran), brand (Reebok), category (Traditional Game Space), and descriptive (Crazy Russian Hacker). Your name is the simplest approach and it will work very well if you’re going to be front and center of the channel. It’s a great option for people with a powerful personal brand. 

The first and last name isn’t the best fit for everyone, though. If that’s the case, there are other possibilities to look into. 

Topic Relevance

Your YouTube name should be relevant to your topic. The best-case scenario is where a user will see your channel name and immediately understand what your topic is. It doesn’t have to be a literal description of your channel’s topic. You want to stay away from something overly generic. However, the name should give some indication of it. 

Uniqueness is another important factor. You don’t want your name to be just like a thousand other channels. An example is Action Laboratory vs. Action Lab, a prominent scientific channel. Choosing the former name wouldn’t be a good option because it would be confused with the latter easily, and that might not work to your benefit.

Use a Tool 

Before choosing a name, try a YouTube username checker to see if it’s available. Go with something else if you find another or other channels with very similar names. Some tools give you name ideas – all you need to do is enter a word or phrase related to your activity, and they will generate ideas for you.

Search Google

You should do a Google search for your potential channel name as well. This way, you won’t be stuck with a name that’s similar to another brand, even an inactive one. 

It Should be Memorable

People must be able to remember your channel name easily. They are more likely to if your name is unique. A name like Epic Rap Battles will stick. It’s not only memorable but also gives people a good idea of the channel’s topic. 

Other Approaches and Strategies

The final section has a few last tips and strategies to help you choose the best name for your YouTube presence. 

Name Modeling

If you’re still stuck, think about channels you subscribe to. You don’t need to limit your consideration to channels on YouTube. Instead, think about what makes their names memorable. Apply their formula to your own name. 

Refrain from Numbers 

YouTube names with numbers in them can appear autogenerated. What’s more, these channels are more difficult to search for because people don’t know whether to enter the name with the number (johnjones55) or words (johnjonesfifty-five). Or is it John Jones fifty-five?  

Domain Name 

Ideally, your channel will grow. If this happens, you’ll probably want to start developing a brand. A consistent domain name and channel name can prove indispensable. A .com domain isn’t mandatory by any means. Domains like .io, .co, and .net can work too. 

Simple and Straightforward

Your name should be easy to pronounce and spell. Avoid using a single but long and complicated word. If that’s what you chose as a name, replace it with a phrase of two or three short and simple words similar in meaning.

Check Social Network Availability

Check Meta, Twitter, Instagram, and other major social networks to see if your name is available. While this isn’t mandatory, it’s a good idea to have URLs and social network account names that match the name of your YouTube channel. 

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