Best Yahoo Chat Rooms Alternatives in 2020

Yahoo chat rooms are a popular mode of interaction and communication. They are operated by the popular internet platform Yahoo. The name Yahoo has become a household among the internet users. It is a popular e-connectivity platform that keeps many online clients connected through emailing and chatting. The utility of these chat rooms is not easy to negate.

They are a purpose created forum for the users of all ages and people of interest. The forum got popular soon after the Yahoo messenger became public. The chat rooms became extremely popular. several people started getting registered with the site to connect for formal, informal, casual, and official interaction.

The beginning

Yahoo chat room history began back in 1997. It was on the 7th of January in the mentioned year that Yahoo chat rooms were born. It started as a public chat room service. Soon afterward the first-ever public version of the Yahoo! Pager was added. This updated feature came along with the option of chatting through the chat rooms.

For those growing in this period, yahoo was a great choice. It became possible to connect with people of multiple nationalities to create a global network through different chat rooms that followed a certain topic or theme. In some cases, the link got so strong that people started becoming friends with those sitting thousands of miles away.

Birth of Messenger

The final half 90’s the same service was upgraded and replaced by the popular Yahoo Messenger in 1999. The yahoo chat rooms closed in 2012. This really bothered the regular users of yahoo the decision of closing the feature was not easy to accept for the regular users.

To satisfy and calm down the consumer’s Yahoo mentioned that they took this decision to ensure that they could do more for a better and prosperous future. They said they believed in giving something better to the user so they will be introducing some great yahoo chat room replacements. 

Yahoo Messenger making difference

Yahoo chat rooms were a popular option among the users till 2015. Once it ended in the said year, Yahoo messenger was introduced. The name was different but the features were almost the same. It was not much different from other chat and messaging applications. The users are able to enjoy the messages, emoticons, images, GIFs, and essential documents.

In the past few years, Yahoo Messenger was changed to a greater extent. The return of Messenger in 2015 allowed the users to delete the messages sent through chatting or through the messenger.

Besides the basic chatting options, the Messenger offers multiple options like VpIP, 360 integration, Flickr support, video calling, and in-chat YouTube streaming. It is even possible to chat with your friends on Facebook.

Yahoo chat rooms come to an end

The services of the Yahoo Messenger were brought to an end on July 17, 2018. In the first phase, it was partially ended and replaced by an updated service named Yahoo Together. This service existed till April 4, 2019. After this date, there is no more replacement for the messenger services.

Ending the services is not something unusual. It happens in different ways. They try to end the services that are running and want to replace them with a new version or a better option. The decision of ending up a particular service owes to several factors namely lack of popular interest, financial crisis, development and fame of other similar services, etc. All these factors influence the final decision.

According to the Yahoo officials, they decided to end Yahoo Messenger to save time and use the resources in some more productive tools.

Yahoo chat room alternatives

Although Yahoo chat room is over now there are several other alternatives that are added to the list of the applications for allowing the people to communicate. The popular alternatives to the Yahoo Chat Rooms include

  • Skype
  • Whatsapp
  • Facebook messenger
  • Chat Room

There is little similarity between these options and the Yahoo Chat Rooms but still, they are an excellent option when it comes to sharing the messages, media files, or communication through audio or video calls.

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