7 Compelling Reasons To Use Email Automation In Marketing Campaigns

Have you ever managed an email campaign? If yes, you already know that staying at the top of the related tasks can be a nightmare. Spending time and budgeting now can help you implement email automation tools in your marketing strategy. But why should you use email automation in the first place? Below are the seven most compelling reasons-

Helps Nurture Your Leads

Email is an effective method for lead nurturing. Blast emails are undoubtedly a good start to a marketing campaign; drip emails convey the right information to the right people at the right time.

Drip email campaigns automate the process of sending emails and allow you to tailor the emails as per the different stages of a buyer’s journey. Thus, each lead gets the most relevant information, making the lead nurturing more effective.

Allows Better Targeting

Automating the email marketing campaign also helps you ensure that you are targeting the right audience. For example, if you are starting a marketing campaign, you can define the automatic segmentation of the database with software. With automation software, you can create an action saying that when a lead buys anything, it will be automatically included in the new segment.

In addition, you can also decide when and how often to send an email or SMS. You can define how many emails your contacts should receive so that the user doesn’t mark your emails as spam. The best thing is, you won’t forget any contact.

You Can Send Personalized Messages

Automating the email campaign will help you create profiles and segment them in a targeted way. It helps you ensure that the right message reaches the right person. You can update the information automatically. For example, if you run an e-commerce site, you can send a targeted email campaign by offering your customers additional offers and deals.

You can use it with your blog articles too! Suppose a user reads your article. You can automate the task of sending an email of thanking him for reading your article or visiting your blog.

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You Can Test, Optimize and Retest

A marketing team can test, identify the actions, and optimize them for a retest. Automation allows you to identify the visuals, messages, and formats that work best for the marketing targets. This information is necessary to optimize your content.

You can also conduct A/B tests automatically on your marketing campaigns. So, you can test them in real-time and figure out the ones that have performed the best. By testing and optimizing the marketing campaigns, you can boost your strategies.

You Can Communicate With Your Team Better

Depending upon the behavior of your lead, marketing automation software lets you create lead scoring scenarios. You can decide how many points to give for visiting a particular web page or when they open an email. These points allow the sales team to decide, which leads to prioritize.

The sales and marketing team needs to work together to decide how many points to award based on the actions. You don’t have to arrange phoning campaigns where the lead isn’t ready to listen to you and cuts the call. Another advantage is you can qualify the lead and reduce the conversion time.

Helps You Track Your Leads’ Behavior

Marketing automation software helps you track the leads’ behavior on your website. Thus, when a person signs up for your form, you can see from which page a lead has arrived and the path he chose to complete the form. In other words, by studying your leads’ behavior, you can optimize your campaign.

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Offers More Reliable Data

Email marketing campaigns also offer a white paper download. For this, you need to put several actions in place. However, you can’t accomplish this task manually.

Suppose a lead completes a form and registers with your website. You need to send an email every time a lead registers with you. You can automate this action by scheduling an email as soon as the form is filled.

In order to collect valuable data, you need to offer good content, including computer graphics, exciting blog articles, etc. Bring a dedicated landing page to highlight the expertise and benefits. Furthermore, you can create a dedicated form from good marketing automation software to get reliable information from your leads.

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