3 Top Rated Tools for Codeless Test Automation in 2021

Coding includes several years of practice to learn, like any other art. It’s challenging to have testers program many codes, address app bugs, and complete backlogs in weeks. 

However, codeless test automation requires the development of automated tests without the need to compose codes manually. It offers project layouts for workflow, element databases, and interface customization to testers who lack sophisticated programming skills.

The World Quality Report has chosen lack of advanced programming, when applying test automation to agile projects, as one of the critical problems. It’s where, as an answer to the issue, codeless automation testing tools came into effect.


ACCELQ is one of the best-suggested tools for 2021 because of its detailed analysis of codeless testing. Its qualities like straightforwardness and versatile codeless approach with the automatic platform coding make it standout.

Currently, most codeless test automation software in the industry takes a blinkered perspective of testing complexities. Oversimplification does not mean efficiency, which is why it alone is not enough.   

However, ACCELQ, as a strong competitor, brings into a codeless environment the discipline, versatility and strength of traditional code-based infrastructure.


  • ACCEL helps the tester, without thinking about the programming syntax, to freely build test logic. 
  • ACCELQ gradually regulates modularity in the process of testing with the design-first approach.
  • The codeless ACCELQ does not restrict to writing test logic with a standard interface. For every critical aspect of test automation, the tech applies the same streamlined approach.
  • In codeless tests via ACCELQ, test resources are organic.
  • Like a well-designed code-based approach, ACCELQ’s natural language abstraction produces a properly readable and readily executable java code.


TestCraft is a forum for regression and continuous testing, offering end-to-end automation testing. The record-and-playback model gives a test script with previously coded parameters, like any other codeless testing software, which has to be configured later.

Constant code modification can disrupt the test script. Thus, in TestCraft, “Smart Binding” applies to intelligent element detectors that can instantly seize different attributes like IDs, location, text value, or size. During a run, they can also restart to fit code changes.


  • No additional plugins needed. 
  • Even before the application is ready, it builds test scenarios.
  • It tracks each test step.
  • TsetCrafts offers support for different data sets and simultaneous execution. 
  • To adapt to most application changes, It uses on-the-fly binding.
  • TestCraft has several advanced integrations, like test management, problem management, it alerts and communicates.

3.Katalon Studio

Katalon Studio is specifically for Web, API, Mobile, and Desktop applications. It is a comprehensive codeless testing solution. Using its user-friendly GUI, log, and replay, drag and drop commands, even newcomers can immediately proceed with test automation.

Users can have Katalon Studio create an automated system for them instead of creating a framework from scratch based on libraries.

The rich collection of built-in keywords and the dual interfaces allow experienced users to write sophisticated test scripts seamlessly. Users can thus broaden testing capabilities with Katalon Studio, reuse them in other projects, and boost collaboration.


  • Katalon Studio does not require specific coding ability & complicated configuration.
  • For different tests, it may use a moderate learning curve.
  • The Katalon records provide useful recording and replay to catch all gestures and convert them to backend protocols.
  • BDD Cucumber can express test cases in English words, and multiple teams can easily take part in the evaluation process
  • It has built-in and custom keywords to pass keywords without altering any test project’s external behaviors.

Final Words

The future of codeless automation tools is progressing at an impressive speed with all variables integrated. With that, QA testers are much relieved from the pressure of mastering specific testing systems.

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