How to Install Solar Panels: A Simple Guide for Homeowners

According to a 2019 study, on average, homeowners in the USA spent $115 per month on electricity. Although this amount looks small at a glance, imagine if you accumulate it for 10-20 years. You’ll have enough money to use as a down payment for a house or pay part of your kids’ college fees.

That’s why more and more people are switching to using solar energy to cut this utility bill. You too may be considering making this switch, but you’re concerned about how to install solar panels. Unfortunately, you have the wrong assumption that the solar installation process is lengthy and costly.

To overcome this false assumption, here is a simple guide on how to install solar panels.

Engineering Site Visit

The purpose of the engineering site visit is to inspect your home’s roof and determine your energy needs. The plan is to find out if the roof is firm enough to support the solar panels. Also, you want to get professional recommendations on the best solar panels to purchase.

To expedite this process select the best solar installation company that’s quick to assign an engineer for this work.

Applying for Solar Installation Permits

Before you can install the solar panels on your home’s roof, you must acquire various permits. Find solar installers who’ll educate you more about these permits and help you fill in the paperwork. The objective is to get these permits as soon as possible to start the solar installation work fast.

Buying the Solar Equipment

The next step is to order the solar equipment you need from a reputable company. This step involves comparing different types of solar panels to determine the ideal ones to get. In addition, you’ll seek insights on where you’ll get amazing deals for the solar equipment you need.

Installation Work

The long wait is finally over as now it’s time to install the solar panels on your roof. First, the experts will install the electrical wiring and then connect the wires to the panels and the general power system. To ensure proper installation of the residential solar panels, hire the top-rated company near you.

Use the internet to gather more details on the range of solar panel services this company offers. For instance, see to find out more about this top company. You’ll get a hint on what to expect from this website when you hire this firm for solar installation work.

Getting Approvals and Completing the Wiring Connections

Before you can start using solar energy in your home, the government wants to check that everything was properly installed. That’s why you need to seek governmental approval. A representative from the state’s government will visit your home for this inspection.

If everything is in order, you’ll get approval that allows you to start using solar power.

Get Things Done Right by Learning How to Install Solar Panels

Although you’re not doing the actual solar installation work, it’s vital to learn the process. The idea is to get basic knowledge on how to install solar panels. With this information, you know what to expect and have a means of tracking the work of the solar installers you hire.

For practical tips on switching to renewable energy, please see our other blogs.

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