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Everyone wants to routinely save a lot of details. However, each particular company needs a lot of memory to protect valuable data, be it an agency, a big corporation, or an action. Usually, a lot of information is deleted to improve storage if the computer has no more capacity to store data. Even though leads to a big loss of results.
You need to have unique software in this situation, which will support you very quickly. Ease-US Data Recovery Wizard is one of the best free data recovery software to help users recovered lost data with limited troubles and expenses.

It performs great if you restore the deleted files. This is the easiest way to recover the missing files. But you can continue to use the deep search option. If you want to really go ahead and restore old lost files. This will help you obtain access to long-lasting missing files. In addition, if you are not technically aware of the techniques.

However, it won’t be difficult for you to find support with this method. Efficient and quick enough for the whole recovery process. The scan takes at least 5 seconds to complete supplied with a decent internet connection.

What is Ease-US Data Recovery?

It has many features and functions such as mistakenly lost file recovery, compressed recovery, virus attack recovery, disc damage, empty bin recovery, crash OS recovery. Especially, it is difficult to remove data from different computer types such as PC, laptop, hard disc, pen drive.


  • You could restore files, images, notes, recordings, etc.
  • Data may be recovered from multiple disaster circumstances.
  • It claims to support FAT, HFS+, and REFS file systems.
  • After all, could recover from loss, misspelled words, partition loses, OS crashes, virus attacks, etc.
  • Upwards of 1000 file types are provided for paper, film, audio, graphics, e-mail, and other media.

System Requirements

  • Windows XP+ or 2003+ Windows Server.
  • Random-access memory at least 128 MB.
  • At least 32 MB of space might be needed.


  • Excellent service for users
  • Quick restores
  • Friendly interface for users


  • Strange shortage of total drive scan
  • Prices are a little hard
  • Files are mentioned as such in research which was not recoverable.

How does it function?

Either the devices are simply moved across. You can use the hard discs, internal drives, external storage devices, and even your computer. It scans for files that are lost or removed. It aims to remove the files from the location and to restore them.

Furthermore, it can also extract data from compromised components of your computer. Instantly, it is easy to use and comprehensible. The best thing is that it still runs effectively on iOS. Particularly, Android when operating on Windows and Mac OS. Accessible are different models.


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Limitations for the free edition

The free edition scan for recoverable data and recognizes them but does not recover any files until a license is purchased. It produces a Quick scan for the file count and data count of the typically minor deleted files and an Advanced Scan for the missing files and current files for a data count. When the scan is complete, but by pressing on the button Restore, the user pays for an update. The button on the Lower Right points.

What files can be recovered by the Ease-US data recovery wizard recovers?

It can unintentionally restore lost files. However, if the files were deleted or deleted accidentally, you can trust this to get all deleted files in only one go. You can even retrieve them. You can do this quickly with the aid of this software, even though you want to retrieve your recycling bin. But everything is provided the storage unit is not recycled.

Moreover, it will recover all missing data quicker than you expect. There are also all of the missing partitions and broken data on the computer. You would be able to view the compromised files.

Uniquely, it can recover built partition as well. You will remember the files that you cannot enter. Although, it’s no longer a daunting task to retrieve and rebuild these files.

In what way Ease-US data recovery wizard better than other software?

It provides 2 separate scans. Fast and quick scanning and an extensive scan. The software will effectively run 2 separate scans in a couple of seconds and minutes. Based on storage space and system functionality, still, it can quickly change.

After all helps nearly all file form recovery. You can also restore audio and video files. Formats like. Special attention is paid to corrupt, deleted, and partitioned files. Conversely,  first preference given to this file is the software to scan through these types of files.

Much as also offers a number of features at different rates. Each feature is needed to optimize the process of data recovery. But all features are special. Rather this platform is much more powerful than most software packages with a huge expense and a seamless experience.

To grasp and use this software, no one has to be an IT technician. It’s easy to read and understand and easy to use. A safe and reliable data recovery process is supported software. There is no question about transmitting sensitive data to others All the information is strongly secured.


In conclusion, I find a pretty remarkable Ease-US Backup solution. It has done a decent job. This user-friendly design has been attained. Whereas, it even some usability and creativity offered by other packages. However, systems have been sacrificed.  I definitely would recommend Easy-US for home and other businesses.


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