A Brief List Of The Best Emojis To Use During The Holidays

Emojis and other platforms changed the way in how we approach our digital conversations. We now have emojis that represent any emotion, event, place, and more. We no longer have to use the old and generic emoticons or smiley from way back. With emojis, we now have a creative and unique way of putting emojis on our digital conversations and even social media posts.

Now that the holidays are fast approaching, it is essential to have your holiday emojis in check. You should already be able to pre-set your emoji keyboard to house these holiday-themed emojis. Chances are, you will be greeting a lot of people during the holidays through text and chat. You can make your holiday greeting more creative, fun, and personal with these holiday emojis.

We managed to curate a list of our favorite holiday-themed emojis. Use these emojis on your group chats, social media tweets, and other platforms. These emojis should be a perfect and subtle way to spread the holiday cheer.

Snowflake Emoji

The Snowflake emoji is a perfect and fitting emoji to use on your holiday greetings. Chances are, most of us associate the holidays with snowfall or snow overall. The snowflake emoji should be a perfect signal that should bring back those memories etched from the snow from the good old days.

The snowflake emoji also has another meaning that may not come off as “holiday-themed.” Nowadays, calling someone a “snowflake” can easily mean that they are a sensitive person. Using the snowflake emoji in the wrong context can give the receiving end the idea that they quickly get hurt or offended.

It is best to use a personal greeting to go with the snowflake emoji. You should be able to send your message across loud and clear by following this tip. If you intend to call the receiving end a sensitive person, then, by all means, use this emoji to communicate your thoughts about them.

Santa Claus Emoji

We believe that Santa Claus is a universally-known figure. At some point during our childhood, we found ourselves so excited about the possibility of receiving a gift from Santa Claus. Most of us fell asleep and could not catch him red-handed while he left us our gifts. Nonetheless, Santa Claus could be the perfect icon of the holidays.

You can use the Santa Claus emoji to refer to those memories. You should be able to think of an utterly unique greeting that goes with the Santa Claus emoji. If you ever feel like in a giving mood, you can use the Santa Claus emoji as a hint. They will never know what’s coming i.e., the gift that you got them for Christmas.

Snowman Emoji

You can use the snowman emoji more than just a song or movie reference. A substantial number of people associate the holidays with snow, as we said. Building a snowman is another one of those snow-related activities that bring out the holiday spirit of everyone.

The snowman emoji should represent the holidays, snow, Christmas, and other holiday-oriented meanings. The snowman emoji has a distinguishable design made of three snowballs stacked on top of each other. The snowman emoji features an iconic top-hat and sticks or twigs as its arms.

Christmas Tree Emoji

One of the most iconic and well-known activities for the holidays is putting up a Christmas tree. Putting up a Christmas tree on your homes was, and still is, a great bonding idea for families. Now, the Christmas Tree comes in its emoji form. You can use this emoji to serve as a signal to your family or friends or peers that it is time to work on your Christmas Tree game.

There is no other known meaning of the Christmas Tree emoji besides its holiday purposes. We sincerely do not think that anyone can use this traditional Christmas activity or icon as a way to talk negatively about someone else. The Christmas Tree emoji should be an excellent way to accent any Holiday greetings that you have in mind.

Wrapped Present Emoji

Another thing that best describes Christmas and the holidays is the act of receiving or giving gifts. The Wrapped Present emoji is the perfect holiday-themed emoji to represent this beautiful exchange.

You can easily use the wrapped present emoji as a signal of your expectations. The receiving end of this emoji should be able to take a hint that you are expecting to receive a gift during the holidays.


You can also use the wrapped present emoji the other way around. If you got someone special a gift, you could tease them by sending this emoji as a hint or a clue. Combine the wrapped present emoji with the Santa Claus emoji, and you should be able to send out a concrete yet subtle hint.

Spread the joy of the holidays with emojis

There should be no need to overthink your choice of holiday-themed emojis. You can let all the jolly holiday vibes take control of everything, including your emojis of choice. You can even combine these emojis to make it radiate the real feeling of Christmas. In your own way, you can use emojis to spread around the holiday vibes.

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