Best Litanswers Alternatives Sites In 2022

Students need continuous help to get the best notes and academic support for their academic activities. Litanswers are a must-have a rich source of information that they can easily access when needed. It is for this reason that several online platforms were born.

What Is Litanswers?

One popular name in the world of online academic platforms was Textsheet. After the creators shut it down a new venture began with the name Litanswers. It worked the same way but was comparatively more improved and effective. There is one similarity between the two and that is that DMCA shuts these both down for the same reason and that is copying the content. Thus, both these are not operational these days. 

If you were a huge fan of Listanswers and need some academic support now, then we have managed a list of the 5 best alternatives that can definitely be a substantial source of information for all the students:

Best Litanswers Alternatives In 2022

Check the following list to find the right option for your online academic solutions:

1. Slader


Slader is a popular choice among those who are striving to get the best academic help online. Many students resort to this rich resource. It has answers to several questions in different books. All you have to do is just scan the barcode of the textbook on Slader. It would search the book and then you can access the questions you need. It is a great resource pack for all subjects, including science and humanities.


Slader is popular because of the following features : 

  • No payment is needed.
  • Good for both iOS and Android applications. 
  • Includes an extensive database that covers solved questions from several textbooks.

2. CourseHero


Don’t worry about the textbooks you are consulting. At CourseHero you can find answers and solutions to exercises from 30 million books. This extensive database makes it a great alternative to the Litanswers. It would help you find the best solution for your assignments. 

If you are tired of searching on different platforms, then it is the right time to switch to CourseHero. Choose the related subject, type the answer, and click to confirm. In just 15 minutes you will get the right answer.


Coursera has become one of the best alternatives because it 

  • Provides a step-by-step solution.
  • Has a team of expert teachers.
  • Swift solution providing system
  • Best for iOS and Android users. 

If these features are inspiring for you, then just pay $9.95 for a month and get free access to all the documents. Find it and then upload it. It is easy to search through the library and find many study materials like guides, videos, class notes, and best practice tests. 

3. Spark Notes

Spark Notes

Back in 1999, Harvard Student Sam Yagan started this venture. In 2001, Barnes and Noble acquired the same. Currently, it is among the most renowned and popular websites that are resolving students’ problems and queries. Whether you are facing problems with Shakespeare or there is difficulty in solving mathematics questions, Spark Notes is there to help you. It will provide the notes, give the guidelines, and then test through the practice exams. Use it on your iOS and Android device both.


The features include 

  • Ad-free
  • One-click functionality
  • Customize the dark mode.
  • Test yourself.

4. Crazy For Study

Crazy For Study

The name Crazy for Study is self-evident of the aim behind this application. It is firsthand support for the students keen to learn and enthusiastic to explore. No matter which subject you are studying, it has a solution to all your problems. The most complex problems are made so understandable that even an average student can handle this. The interface is quite inspiring and attractive. 

From completing the daily homework to solving the questions, it has step-by-step solutions to all the queries regardless of the textbook they follow. There is nothing to worry about in the choice of subjects too. It has solutions to all the concerns related to biology, finance, economics, social sciences, and much more.


The core features of the application are: 

  • The solution to problems in 50 million textbooks.
  • Needs $3 for a month.
  • 50 solutions free of cost per month.

5. Chegg


Chegg is a rich source of information for students of all levels. Expert help is there to help you with your academic problems. It is available to download from the Google play store. 

The application helps in providing essential information on 80 subjects including natural sciences, social sciences, business studies, and much more. 


The basic features include 

  • Round-the-clock helps.
  • Quick response
  • Video guides are available.
  • Requires signing up and paying a subscription. 

6. TextSheet

TextSheet became, for a considerable amount of time, the most common and most successful competitor to Lit Answers. This disappointing information is that, much with Litanswers, the above website is now inaccessible.

There really are assertions that the website will become operational once again at some point in the near future owing to the huge request that it has received from people who have indicated that would want something back. We anticipate that to take place in the not-too-distant future.

Browse out the additional 12 options to Lit Answers that are listed above to see where you may get complimentary Chegg responses in the meanwhile.

The Verdict 

Compiled above is the list of alternatives that a Litanswer freak is looking for. All these have some unique features to make life easier for students at all levels. We have tried our best to cover all the aspects comprehensively so you can choose just the right option. We are living in the tech world and here every day is a new day. Academics is not an exception. There are several online options for students, and the above websites are among those.

Litanswers FAQ:

Are Lit Answers Available On Reddit?

After doing research for Litanswers on Reddit, I received the following reaction: “we am sorry, but our forum does not have similar results.”

In this particular scenario, I’d have to argue because Litanswers is indeed not accessible through Reddit.

Can I Access Litanswers Through Proxy Or VPN?

Although if you connect to Litanswers using a proxy server or perhaps a virtual private network (VPN), you will not be able to enter the site. To put it another way, this website is no longer active, and as a result, there is no way for you to connect to its computers in any way, shape, or manner.

Are Litanswers Banned?

The website Litanswers was not actually prohibited; rather, it was taken offline by the DMCA regulating committee because it did not comply with the required levels of copyright protection.


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