Image Selection Tips – Choose Images For Social Media Campaigns

Images are easy for the human brain as they are processed faster than textual input. Images are not only beneficial for grabbing user attention but can also be used to spread the reach of your content due to the development of digital tools like image finder, used to find pictures.

Many social media campaign organizers realize the importance of images and have already incorporated them in every way possible. But a big question arises that whether your images are bringing any good to your campaign? What kind of images should be used for these platforms?

Many aspects should be considered while using images on social media platforms. 

Below there are some aspects that become even more important when you are aiming for a campaign that is meant to grab customers.



Try using colors as a tool to separate different categories of information or products. Do not use too many colors to just decorate the background. If you use too many colors just to make it colorful, it will not attract the scrolling eye but will make your image appear too noisy.

Also, try using consistent colors for the same categories. Solid backgrounds add more sophistication to your visual and make your product stand out more. Even in image search, people tend to select better quality images with fewer colors as it appears less noisy in a small resultant tile.


  • Show Real Human Beings And Scenarios


Try including human body parts to describe the usage of your product. This makes it easier for people to understand how it will be used in real life and get a better idea of size and appearance. According to research, people are more attracted to images containing real backgrounds and real models.


  • Upload Original Content


Always use proprietary images if possible. Stock images are common these days and usually do not coin any benefits when it comes to SEO. Stock images are used by many businesses online and will end up in duplication. Research has been made on this aspect of the images as well. It was proven that images that were clear, lively, and genuine received more likes than the others.

Also, people today know about how to reverse image search. The online image finder tools make their task easy by letting the browser search for the desired product on its own. In this method, your images can only be ranked better in the image finder results if they are genuine, attractive, and optimized. Reverse photo search enlists all similar and related images to the input image entered by the user in the form of an image or URL. Google has an algorithm to rank the results on certain benchmarks. Optimized images are the best-ranked images. For making your images optimized, try to adjust as many keywords in them as possible so that they appear relevant to the content.


  • Use Standard Size Images


Use high-quality but light images. This means that your images should have a good resolution but should not be too heavy to make it difficult for the browser to load them in time. By good resolution, it does not mean the highest resolution. If you go for a very high-resolution image, it will be very clear and attractive for sure, but it will be graphically very heavy to be loaded.

If your network connection is poor, or a bit slower than usual, it will be a big load for the network to load the image in time. Your viewer will not be waiting for the image to load, he will just scroll on and find other images for it. Also in image finder results, if your image will appear as a blank tile if it is not loaded, which will be of no use. 

Identify Social Media Platforms Audience Interest Pattern

For all social media platforms, some image benchmarks are standard. But sometimes a few aspects differ on each social media platform depending upon the interests of the audience. So, try to understand what the audience requires on the platform that you are targeting. 

The Instagram audience follows attractive, bright images. Usually, all these posts also have another thing in common, i.e., greater background space and more use of white color. On the other hand, Pinterest is an image hub that uses the image finder technique to list images based on user likeness.

Pinterest has great use of image finder features which makes it even more important to use original and clear content. This means that your image will be in competition with many other images, so make it unique to make it more attractive.


Social media campaign images should be checked from many aspects to make sure they fit the standards of the target platforms. Along with target platforms, the image finder tool must be kept in mind. Your images should be optimized enough to make them rank better in image finder results.

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